Review Policy

I'm asking that you please read through my review policy, before submitting a book for review or asking me to be part of a book tour, giveaway, cover reveal, etc.

At this moment, I'm currently NOT accepting book review requests for e-books. I already have such a high volume of them up for review. I'll update, when I've worked my way through what I have, and decide to start accepting them again.

However, I am always interested in participating in book tours, accepting guest posts/giveaways, and hosting author interviews or cover reveals.

Please follow the guidelines and read through everything on this page thoroughly BEFORE contacting me for a book review or author interview/guest post/giveaway or participation in an upcoming book tour.

I love getting the chance to review new books! It's a great way to promote "book buzz" for so many amazingly talented author's out there. It's also a lot of fun discovering new author's and the books they have to share, too. Below are just a few guidelines of what kinds of books I will and won't accept for review. If you think your book falls under these guidelines, then please send an email my way. You can find more details on where to do that on the contact page.


YA and Adult Urban Fantasy only. My blog is mainly geared towards young adult paranormal romance, sci-fi fantasy, dystopian, steampunk, historical romance, contemporary and pretty much anything young adult fiction in general. I also accept Adult urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and steampunk of similar genre's. I read almost anything young adult related, on a regular basis.

E-Books. At the moment, the only e-books that I am accepting or taking are my current requests from Netgalley. I am incredibly busy with previous e-book review requests, Netgalley, and my regular review books that I've actually received in hard copy to accept anymore at the moment. Keep checking back with this page for an updated status on when I'll be accepting them again. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I need to get caught up on my reviews before I can accept anymore in the form of e-books.

Indie & Self-Published Works. I will be very selective when accepting either one of these, not because I don't support or appreciate Indie and Self-Published authors, but because at the moment my review requests are piling up and I need to time to breathe and catch up with them. So, my suggestion to you is to check over these guidelines, make sure that your book falls within the realm of them, and then try. Please understand, I do reserve the right to decline to review the request if I feel like it might not be something I'd be interested in reading or if I feel as if I'm falling behind in keeping up with my current review requests. If I do turn down a request the first time due to time constraints, you could wait a month or two, and then submit the request again.


Reviewing books is not a joke to me, I take my reviews seriously and I always offer an honest point of view for what I've read. I don't review books for monetary gain, I review them because I love to read and I truly enjoy spreading the word about wonderful author's and their novels. These are just a few things you'll find are included with my reviews.
  • Book Cover
  • Information on Publisher and Release dates.
  • Extra information on the book such as number of pages, genre, etc.
  • Small summary of the book.
  • A rating, which consists of five stars or less.
I make sure to always do my best to read and review any book requests, in a timely manner. If there is a specific time frame that you would like for the book to be reviewed in, please disclose that information in the intial contact request. I am always interested in being a part of any book tours, hosting guest posts/interviews/excerpts from books, special cover reveals, or any giveaways associated with the books in general. Please, don't hesistate to request them. I will be happy to participate in any special Giveaways or Contests in relation to books, just as long as you provide me with the necessary information that I would need such as promotional links, dates and time frame, etc.

For a sample of what my reviews are like, you can find them here on my Review Archive. This is just to give you an idea of the way I write and set-up my reviews on the blog.

Thank you, for your consideration and time. I wish you all the success in the publishing world.
from the desk of,
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