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A little over a year ago, I started beading and making jewelry as a hobby to keep me busy and keep my mind from dwelling on things I needed to just let go. I didn’t know if I would enjoy it as much as I thought I would, ends up I actually love creating things such as pretty key chains, chunky charms to hang off journals/mini albums/etc., chunky purse charms, necklaces, earrings, beaded and charms bracelets. The very first thing I started making when I started out in beading, were bookmarks and I as I continued to learn how to make various kinds, I got better and better. That’s where I got the idea for creating this portion of the blog called, Bookish Charms.

It’s going to be a small little personal online shop, where I will be selling custom made and ordered beautifully crafted beaded bookmarks. I use all types of beads and love to mix and play around with them. For example, I use some really pretty glass beads, crystal beads, Swarovski, silver and gold metal beads, beautiful glass seed beads, just to name a few. I thought I would show you a sample of one of the custom made beaded bookmarks that I’ve made so you can get an idea of what they look like.

Sample Beaded Bookmark #1

The sample beaded bookmark that you are looking at in this picture, is one that I have made for myself. I make them with all kinds of different beads and with various charms and focal beads, such as lampwork beads, glass crystals of various sizes and kind, as well as other beads. They can be as simple as you'd like for them to be (in my case, I wanted this to be simple but still pretty) or as elaborate and blingy as you would like them. 

I make other things as well, such as charm bracelets, purse bling/keychains, and jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, etc. In the example pictures below, is a charm bracelet that I made for my friend Marie for Christmas, a purse bling charm that was made for my sister for Christmas, and another charm bracelet that I made (and sold to a friend) for a Christmas gift to give to her niece/cousin who wanted a Paris themed bracelet and I did the best I could with it.

Sample Charm Bracelet/Purse Bling #1

Below, will be a form for you to fill out to order a beaded bookmark and breakdown of the pricing for the bookmarks. If you are interested in anything other than the custom made beaded bookmarks, then I'm selling the charm bracelets for $45 a piece, earrings for $15, and purse bling/keychains for $25 a piece.

$20 for 1 bookmark
$35 for 2 bookmarks
Shipping Fees: $2.50 per each bookmark or $3.50 for 2
($1.00 for each additional bookmark added)

The goal for selling these beautifully custom made and crafted beaded bookmarks is to raise money to put back into the blog, so that you guys can benefit from more personal giveaways and also, to pay for a new design, and/or a possible move to a personal domain and Wordpress. Mostly, though, I love making pretty sparkly things for people to enjoy and I wanted to do a little something different on my blog that tied in with books and offer you guys a chance to have a pretty custom made bookmark.

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