Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I Love...Favorite Book (Season/Weather!)

Reflections of a Bookaholic

Why I Love Wednesday, is a fabulous little meme created by Alexis over at Reflections Of A Bookaholic where you can share your thoughts on various bookish things that you love and all those reasons that make them so awesome!

To play along, all you have to do is, link directly to your post (not your actual blog) in the linky. When naming your link, please choose the name of your post. For example, this week mine will be - Why I Love...Favorite Book Season/Weather.

❝Why I Love...Favorite Book (Season/Weather!)❞

When the leaves are just turning and you can start to feel a slight chill in the air, when everything starts turning golden to burnt rustic orange, and the leaves are scattered across the road haphazardly, I love to curl up all nice and cozy with a hot cup of tea, a soft throw, a pile of pillows, and a really good contemporary love story during the winter months - just a book that's so good it will warm you from the inside out. It's usually something from Jodi Piccoult's library of books, because they're hopeful and filled with so much inspiration that you just can't go wrong with them. They make you feel good. Books like Harvesting The Heart (this book was a gift from a really sweet friend of mine, Molli @ Once Upon A Prolouge) and My Sister's Keeper, always manage to pull and tug at my heartstrings and even though My Sister's Keeper makes me bawl like a baby, I still read it at least once a year every winter because it's such a beautiful and compassionate story.

When it's a bitter winter rainy day or night and there's a definite chill in he air, I totally love diving into the world of the supernatural, with books like Robin McKinnely's Sunshine or a great urban fantasy series like Kim Harrison's The Hollow's or just basically any novel by Kelley Armstrong, Laura Adrian (which, I'm actually planning on reading her Midnight Breeders series this winter), Jocelyn Drake's Dark Days series, or if I'm really feeling like I want to go darker and a bit deeper I'll probably re-visit Anne Rice's The Witching Hour from the Mayfair Witches series or even re-read The Queen of the Damned, which is my favorite in the The Vampire Chronicles.

V.C. Andrews is always a must, rain, snow, sleet, summer, winter, fall, whatever - she is an author that I will always re-read no matter what. This winter I'm actually planning on re-reading My Sweet Audrina and Flowers In The Attic.

And on those cold days when you just don't feel like getting out and you want to do is be lazy, you can probably find me curled up with any of the books from Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series or one of them books from The House of Night series by P.C. Cast. Oh, and it's a safe bet that anything Richelle Mead may totally show up at this point too, because she such a wonderfully talented author and I love just about anything that she's written, both her adult series and her young adult.

❝What season do you prefer to read in?❞
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