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Affinity Blog Tour featuring Guest Post by Mary E. Merrell

Affinity by Mary E. Merrell

Published: October 21, 2012
Publisher: Morningglory Publishing
Age Demographic: YA Urban Fantasy
Pages: 233

The crows followed Talon around everywhere. When he graduated from high school, Talon moved to Sacramento to work with his uncle, and the birds followed. He recognized the same straggly-tailed old crow that had followed him around since junior high. Iris Yorita lived in his old neighborhood in Modesto. Snakes were drawn to her as the big, black birds were drawn to him. She called their ability an AFFINITY. Claimed it was a gift from God, and they should use it to help people. Talon thought she was out of her mind. How could a bunch of mangy crows or slimy snakes help anyone?

When a thief targeted the people in his uncle's neighborhood, all fingers pointed at the new kid, Talon. He decided it was time to put this strange ability to the test. Find out who was robbing their neighbors and clear his name. As Talon learned to communicate with his crows, the thievery heated up. Something more sinister than mere robbery was going on, and it would take Talon, Iris, and their new found friends, to discover what really was going on in this up-scale neighborhood.

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How I came up with the novel, Affinity-Bird in a Gilded Cage

I see crows everywhere. Like Talon Corvus in my Young Adult Novel, Affinity-Bird in a Gilded Cage, the crows seem to be following me. Wherever I go, there they are. Even right now, as I’m topping off my coffee, I hear the raucous and recognizable cawing of a crow. The bird is sitting on the very top of an Italian Cypress in our neighbor’s yard, the pointed branch bowing under the bird’s weight as it squawks to the world.

When I was planning this novel, I wanted to write something very different from my Real Estate Paranormal Mystery Series, something with a little meaning and with a bit of a message. Sounds kind of corny, I know, but this was important to me. The Real Estate Paranormal Mystery Series is in first person and involves, vampires, real estate agents and ghosts, oh my! My guilty pleasure.

I came up with the idea for a story about Talon, a young man who realizes he can communicate with the crows that follow him around. This Young Adult Urban Fantasy is written in third person and in the point of view of a seventeen year old boy. Writing in the point of view of a young man was a challenge but a lot of fun as Talon and his friends use their talents with the animals to discover who is robbing their neighbors. I enjoyed discovering each character’s unique personality through their Affinity animal. I hope you will like them as well.

I also wanted to make aware a problem that seems to get little attention from the media. It’s a local and worldwide, and growing. I can’t say too much or it will spoil the mystery. So, if you’re curious, Affinity-Bird in a Gilded Cage comes out on Amazon kindle on October 21st and in print through Amazon shortly after. 

All my books have humor, and Affinity is no different. I enjoyed writing about these characters as they unravel the mystery in their neighborhood, and I hope you enjoy reading about them as well. You can find all my available novels on my website, maryemerrell.com. Find me on Facebook and Twitter - @MaryMerrell7. 

Thank you so much.


Mary E. Merrell lives in the Central Valley of California with her husband, two dogs and four cats. She has two grown sons, Everette Merrell and Richard Mickelson who is married to a great girl, Brooke. Mary has worked at various jobs, selling furniture, a meat company and a manufacturing company. It wasn’t until she started selling real estate that her Real Estate Paranormal Mystery Series came to life in that old, vacant home. She enjoys reading all types of genres and writes Paranormal Mysteries and YA Urban Fantasies. When she’s not writing, she’s working on her decorative planter business LivingCreations with her husband, gardening and playing soccer. Please visit her website to see what she’s working on next. www.maryemerrell.com, or contact her through Facebook and Twitter.

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