Saturday, July 6, 2013

Update on Where I've Been & the YA Crossover to NA Event (June - July 2013) - Glitter Graphics
Hey guys, I just wanted to give you a little update on why the blog has been so quiet for the last couple of weeks. About three weeks ago, I ended up breaking two bones in my left leg at a baby shower that I was at for a friend of my mom's. It wasn't bad enough that I needed surgery, so the orthopedic that I'm seeing just kept it in a boot since the bones were non-displaced and told me that walking on it a little bit would be the best way for the bones to heal back together properly. Needless to say, it hurts like hell and I've only just started walking around on it in the boot without my crutches for the last few days. So, this is kind of why you haven't seen the rest of the posts (author interviews, giveaways, etc.) for the YA Crossover to NA Event that was supposed to go up all throughout the month of June.

I can promise that starting Monday, the first of the rest of those posts will be going up and I will be extending the event to last throughout the duration of the posts that I have for it. I've already contacted a few of the author's and have made them aware of my situation and I will be contacting the rest of them within the next few days as well, to let them know that their posts will definitely still be going up on the blog. In the meantime, I have a couple of other announcements to share with you. :) - Glitter Graphics
I wanted to go ahead and announced the winner's and their prizes for the first four giveaways that have been held during this event. To protect their privacy, I'm only going to use their first names and the prize that they've won, but I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who visited the blog and checked out these amazing authors and their awesome books. I hope that you found something that you liked or that I've somehow convinced you to give New Adult a chance.

  • Juliette won a beautiful copy of Hilary Graham's Reunited
  • Cleo won an awesome digital prize pack of the Element Preserver's series by Alycia Linwood.
  • Mary won a delicious e-copy of Strength by Carrie Butler.
  • Misti won a gorgeous finished copy of both Tempest and Vortex by Julie Cross.

I will be contacting the winners tomorrow, as well as contacting the author's and publicists once I hear back from the winners. Once again, congrats guys! I hope you enjoy all of your amazing prizes! And for the rest of you, don't worry there's still A LOT MORE to come in the next couple of weeks. So, stay tuned. - Glitter Graphics
Just thought I'd share with you the agenda for this week, as far as the event goes!

  • Monday: Interview & Giveaway with Juliana Haygert (Signed Copy of Destiny Gift)

  • Tuesday: Interview & Giveaway with Nikki Jefford (e-Copy of Transfusion: Aurora Sky & signed Swag)

  • Wednesday: Interview & Giveaway with Faith Sullivan (e-Copy of Heartbeat)

  • Thursday: Interview & Giveaway with Jennifer Echols (Signed Copy of Reader's Choice)

  • Friday: Interview & Giveaway with Katie McGarry (Signed/Unsinged copy of Dare You To(International) and finished copy of Pushing the Limits (US only)

  • Saturday: Giveaway & Review of My Paper Heart by Magan Vernon

Alright guys, that about wraps up this update on where I've been, what's going on as far as the event goes, and the winners for the last few giveaways! It's gonna be an awesome jam-packed week coming up, so don't forget to stop by the blog everyday to check the giveaways, interviews, and reviews. You don't want to miss out on them, have a ton of super talented and amazingly wonderful authors.

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