Tuesday, August 12, 2014

15 Days of Being A Book Blogger featuring Day #06: How You Buy Your Books

How do you purchase your books?

Do you usually purchase them in a local bookstore, an Indie bookstore, or online at various places like AmazonBarnes&Noble, or Half Price Books?

I have so many books that it's absolute craziness, trying to find the space to put them all up. Sometimes I have to double and triple stack them on my shelves, just to get them all to fit only because it's hard for me to part with any of them. I mean, I will if I have to, don't get me wrong. I just don't like having to do it though. 

Making room for new books to go up on my shelf, now that's actually good motivation for me to finally decide that's what I'm going to do. Especially, when I'm lucky enough to pop off into my local bookstore, which is Books-A-Million and check out the goodies on their shelves, to see if they're having another one of their awesome buy 2 and get 1 free sales or to see if they have something I've been wanting for a while on their bargain shelf. That's pretty much how I shop for books these days or I like to rummage through the thrift shops and a few garage sales here and there, to see if I'm lucky enough to run onto anything that I might need or want in general.

Last month I was lucky enough to pick up a brand spanking new hardcover copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at a local thrift shop. I was literally jumping up and down excitedly, I think I might have scared the poor sales lady a bit. But, we're talking about a brand new, never been cracked open before, hardcopy of a book that usually retails for no less than $35. I love it when I find good deals like that and it's one of the three that I actually needed to complete my hardcover collection of those books too.

Generally if it's a book that I KNOW that I'm going to want to have on my shelf and/or it's part of a series that I'm already collecting or just a brilliant stand alone in general, then I'll probably end up ordering them online through Amazon, because it's a little bit cheaper that way and I can usually get two books for the price of what one would be in an actual store. Other than that, I'll most likely wait and request them from friends and family for either my birthday or Christmas. I used to get lucky and was able to buy a few of them through my local library, but I don't think they're selling books much anymore these days.

Lately, I find myself buying books for my Kindle, because it's a lot easier that way than it is to find the actual space in my room to put up new books. Not that I don't love new books, because I do and I'm totally addicted to their smell, but like I said it's more of a space saving thing in the end. 

So, yeah...tell me how you purchase your books in the comments below. I'm totally curious to know. :)

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  1. These days I get most of my books from the library, KindleUnlimited, or ARCs. I'll definitely be trying thrift stores now. I too buy books from Amazon when I'm following a series. But I find recently that I'm buying fewer books. For me it's not so much a space saver thing, but a money saver thing. And congrats on the Deathly Hallows score :-)


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