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I kind of love the Booktube community as much as I love the book blogging one, because I sort of feel like the two kind of go hand in hand with one another. So, when I came across the "I Ship It" book tag that was originally created by JudeHnd, I thought it would be totally fun to share it here on the blog with you guys, because YES, I SHIP! If you don't know what "ship" means, it's a term that kind of comes from fanfiction or fandom in general, and basically means relationship. Like, it's a relationship that you love, for example Augustus and Hazel Grace from TFiOS. 

If you want to check JudeHnd's video, you can find it here. It's totally cute, fun, and all kinds of adorable. She's definitely one of my favorite Booktubers and I really enjoy watching her videos. It was kind of hard for me to pick my favorite "ships", but I managed to do it and I hope you guys like this post.

And since this is a tag, I'm going to tag: EVERYONE!

I just finished reading this book last month and absolutely LOVED IT so freaking much, it was A LOT of fun to read. I really enjoyed Paige and Max, they were absolutely cute and I felt like they were perfect for one another in that really awesome unexpected kind of way. Major cool points to Max for liking Firefly as much as I do!

Oh my goodness, I cannot stop talking about Nova and Quinton. I read Breaking Nova last month and now I'm almost half way into the second book, Saving Quinton. These two are absolutely killing me, they are so beautifully messed up, complicated, and emotionally scarred for life. Through this whole book I really wanted them to end up together, but with the places in their life that they are and with all of the emotional issues they have, it was better that they didn't. It's just...ugh! They squeeze my heart so much and make it ache in the best way possible and I trust Jessica Sorensen, that when the time is right for them to be together they will. I just have to hang in there until I get to that place in the series where it all comes together.

Okay, so the place that I would absolutely love to visit and hang out someday before I die is Paris, France. I've dreamed of getting to see the Eiffel Tower underneath the glitter stars in the dusky night sky and watch the Carousel all lit up beside it. I'd love to sit outside at a cafe reading a book and drinking a cup of coffee, as other tourists mill about, which is why I chose Anna and the French Kiss as my favorite book with a place that I've been longing in my heart to visit. I figure that Hogwarts and HP was a given for a lot of people, but I wanted an actual real tangible place that I could possibly visit in the very far off future. Needless to say, that it'll probably never happen in my lifetime, but a girl can dream and this book allows me to do so. 

Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore Toby from The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider. This was my library book that I read last month (as part of my  personal Library Challenge) and I absolutely loved it. It was so refreshing to read a contemporary YA novel with a male character pov, that read so well and felt so personal. Toby was a fantastic friend to Ezra and I was glad that they were able to rekindle that friendship and Ezra was able to figure out who he is. This guy is cracktastic, hilarious, and such an ironic sort of funny that you can't help but really enjoy his character. YA literature definitely needs more characters like Toby, who isn't afraid to just be who he is and doesn't give a shit what other's think of him.

Issac and Augustus from The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. There are absolutely NO WORDS for how much I love the friendship between these two. No one understands better what each of them are going through, than they do and together they are an unstoppable force of laughter, hilarity, and quite the atrocious comedy of errors in the face of so much death and dying around them. SRSLY, NO WORDS. JUST LOVE! Because, how could you not?!

Winterspell by Claire Legrand, was just so on fleek that I can't even. I can't even. It's such a great YA fantasy novel hidden magic, faeries, and different worlds. It's not really your normal book of faeries, it's different and it's written in a uniquely beautiful and dark lyrical way that you can't help, but get swept up in the adventure, the war between humans and faeries, and two fantastic female protagonists each with strengths and weaknesses of their own. I really felt like this was a book where faeries were finally written in such a way that they were definitely compelling in their fight and the story they had to tell, just as much as the humans were. If you're in the mood for an awesomely written and kickass YA fantasy, definitely pick this one up.

I couldn't find a book that I had read and really enjoyed, where I felt like there was a couple that was "shipwrecked", so I thought I'd talk about a book and a couple that I absolutely cannot stand. Yep, you guessed it. That book is Fifty Shades of Grey and the couple is Ana and Christian Grey. Seriously, I truly can't with this book, because it's atrocious bad Twilight fanfiction, and there's NOTHING AT ALL even remotely romantic about an abusive, misogynistic relationship like theirs that's incredibly frakked up in more ways than one. Ana is incredibly weak and naive and I just want to slap the crap out of her and Christian, I don't even have words for that man. Major shipwreck indeed. (Also, this is just my own personal opinion, it doesn't have anything to do with anyone else or what they like. If you like Fifty Shades of Grey and you ship Ana/Christian, then I'm happy for you. For me, they just personally sink my ship and each other, and I could care less. lol)

Okay, I really, really, really want to get a copy of and read, I Was Here by Gayle Forman. I absolutely love her writing style and for me, no one really does YA Contemporary like her. (Obviously, there are A TON of wonderfully talented contemporary YA author's out there, this is just my opinion.) I have been hearing such great things about this novel and I've been dying to read it since I read the synopsis for it on Goodreads several months ago. I've definitely been sitting in anticipation of it and I know when I do get it and read it, that it's absolutely going to wreck me emotionally in all of the best ways it possibly could.
Oh wow, I think this might be where you guys want to shoot arrows, sphere's, and pitchforks my way. lol. I ship Harry and Hermione from the Harry Potter series. Yes, I know that that the canon ship was always Ron and Hermione, but I could not even force myself to ship that because I felt like it was such a bothersome bore. For me, I always felt like Harry and Hermione had way more in common between the two of them and they were best suited for each other. This is probably why I enjoyed the movies a little bit more from a shipper's point of view, than from an avid reader's pov. And reading now in various interviews what J.K. Rowling herself has said about these two, I am even more convinced that Harry was, has been, and will always remain Hermione's person. 

I could have chosen A LOT of other bookish OTP's, but with this one I went with my most recent one from Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. Prince Theron stole my heart unexpectedly, when I knew that it should have been Mather because that's what the book is telling me. It isn't even that I don't like Mather, because I do a great deal. I just fell a little bit more head over toes in love with Prince Theron. He is the perfect guy for Meira and I hope that things work out in their favor, because they will be so good together. They just fit, so well! He just gives me SO MANY FEELS!

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