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Release Week Blitz & Interview: Falling Deep by Diana Gardin

I'm legit excited to get to be a part of the Release Week Blitz for Falling Deep, by Diana Gardin. It's the next book in the Nelson Island series, a fantastic New Adult contemporary series that is edgy, sexy, and full of many swoons and heart stopping moments. From looking at reviews for the other books in the series, it looks like it's going to be a great series to pick up during the Spring and Summer months and just fall in love with. 

I'm lucky to have Diana on the blog with me today, talking about her relationship with her husband, where she draws her inspiration for writing, what inspired her to write the Nelson series and the fact that each of the books can be read as a stand alone and you can start anywhere in the series, and so much more fun stuff! So, definitely stick around and check that out, leave a comment showing some love for her below, and check out the awesome giveaway that's going on. 

First, I want to tell you a little bit about Falling Deep...

Falling Deep
Nelson Island Series
Diana Gardin
Published: April 7, 2015
Publisher: Forever Yours
Age Demographic: New Adult
Pages: 320

Reed Hopewell is a lot of things to a lot of people . . . 

To his parents, he's the son who needs to get serious. To his friends, he's the player they all want to be. And to his fans, he's the hottest rocker in Charleston. But never has Reed been anyone's hero-until the night he finds Hope.

Hope Dawson can count the number of men she trusts on one hand. Definitely not the guys she goes out with or the stepfather who treats her like property. She'd be out of his house tomorrow if not for the need to protect her little sister. But when things at home go from bad to worse, Hope has to act fast-and Reed is the only person she can turn to . . . 

To purchase a copy of Falling Deep by Diana Gardin plese visit Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

Interview with Diana Gardin

The Nelson Island series is a gorgeously written love story that looks like it would be an amazing read. I personally can't wait to tuck into it myself. I'm curious, what was your inspiration for the story you set out to tell with this series?
First, thank you for the compliment! “Gorgeously written” is an amazing quality to have! My inspiration for the series is really Southern, coastal living. The setting is really what makes the series special, and then the characters just naturally flow out of the place itself. I was raised in Coastal Virginia, and now I’m a Carolina girl; there are so many quirks living in the South that make for a great story.

I love how each book in this series sort of builds on each of the characters from book to book, you get to see what life is like through their eyes. My question for you is can each of these books be read as a standalone or would you suggest reading them in order?
Thanks so much for asking this! I really want readers to know, especially with the release of FALLING DEEP, that this is a series that can start anywhere. It doesn’t matter which book you read first, because each story can standalone. The characters carry over from book to book, but the plot and story is brand new each time. Even with EVER ALWAYS (the novella) Sam and Ever’s story is told from different points of view so they can be read in any order.

All writers have struggles with their writing at some point, would you mind sharing some of your best highs and lows in your writing process have been and what you think of your current written body of work vs. your debut into the world of writing?
Yes, writers block is a living, fire-breathing dragon that rears its ugly head from time to time in my life. Both WANTING FOREVER and FALLING DEEP flowed smoothly for me. The writing and editing process went off without a hitch. And then I had to write EVER ALWAYS. I was a mess! I didn’t know where to begin the story, and I wasn’t really sure where the plot was going to go. It was just much more difficult to figure out than the others. My debut novel, a self-published YA called COLOR BLIND, is something I’m still really proud of. But I can definitely see that my writing has improved immensely over time, and I think I write characters and plots with more depth now versus back then.

As creative individuals, we all draw upon inspiration from various outlets, what have been some of yours while writing?
Hmm, I think I pull a lot of inspiration from my relationship with my husband. I had a very unhealthy relationship before I met him, and when he came into my life it was suddenly filled with a light I’d never had before. He inspires many of my male characters, especially the sweeter ones. Pain and loss are also an inspiration, because my books are extremely emotional and angsty. I dive into my memories from my younger years for that. It’s not always pretty, but it’s always honest.

If you were trapped on a desert island and you could only have three things with you, what would those three things be?
The first one, without a doubt, would by my kindle loaded with all my favorite books and a whole bunch of books I haven’t read yet. Second, I’d need to have a lifetime supply of French fries. I cannot survive without them. Lastly, I would make sure I had 

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Diana Gardin is a wife of one and a mom of two. Writing is her second full time job to that, and she loves it! Diana writes contemporary romance in the Young Adult and New Adult categories. She's also a former Elementary school teacher. She loves steak, sugar cookies, and Coke and hates working out.

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