Friday, November 27, 2015

Book Sale Alert: For A Limited Time Only

For A limited time only you can get a digital copy of

For just $.99 cents!!!

If you are looking for an amazing New Adult author to sink your teeth into, Jessica Sorensen is by far one of my absolute favorites and I highly recommend her. She has written some of my favorite series that have changed the way that I view the world and various things in it. Her characters are raw, edgy, and she isn't afraid to write the truth - ugly and dysfunctional, beautiful and tormented, in such a way that it gives you ALL THE FEELS

I'm always excited to get the chance to introduce someone new to this author, because she is by far one of my absolute favorites. So, definitely go check out her books, if you're thinking about wanting to dip your toes into the New Adult genre or if you are just looking for a new book to pick up and you think one of these might wet your appetite. 

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