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Blog Tour: How to Get Your Heart Broken by Rose Fall (Giveaway&Interview)

I'm so excited and thrilled to get to be part of the blog tour for How to Get Your Heart Broken by the love and super talented Rose Fall. From the moment that I read the synopsis for this book, I have been itching to read this one and I just haven't had the time to do it right now, plus I'm so behind on other book review commitments that it's unreal. 


This is exactly the type of book that I need in my life, RIGHT NOW! But, unfortunately, it, like a few other things has to wait it's turn. One thing I know for sure, is that I will definitely be picking this book up the further we get into Spring and the closer we get to Summer, because it's that perfect kind of book to just soak up the sun in or spend a long lazy day just sipping on some cool ice tea and reading in the warm Spring breeze. I do love a beautifully written, self-discovery, swoon-worthy, coming-of-age romance with all of the emotional attachments and baggage that comes along with it. 

So, pull up a seat, and let me tell you a little more about this book that I'm desperately wanting to sink into. (Seriously, I may or may not be bumping this one a little further up on my list of "must read now" books.)

New Adult Romance
How to Get Your Heart Broken
by Rose Fall
Published: March 11, 2016
Self Published
Age Demographic: New Adult
Pages: 398
A self-proclaimed cynic, Eli is unsurprised by her boyfriend’s betrayal. Yet, its impact goes beyond what she realizes; a cruel bet, an array of secrets, and a thousand lessons not yet learned teach her how to trust again as an unlikely boy shows her a kind of love she never knew existed.

After Eli finds her boyfriend cheating on her, she seeks an escape. She heads to the beach to spend the summer before college with her two best friends. When Eli is unable to move past the betrayal, the girls devise a distraction; a bet about their handsome neighbor. Yet their thoughtless competition goes too far and their friendships are tested as they began to wonder how much they really know about each other and themselves. In the chaos, they manage to learn the truth about love, self-acceptance, and the journey back from rock bottom. 

I love unpredictable love stories and this book has everything that I crave for in a New Adult romance novel than I could possibly want. It has girls lifting each other up, girls fighting with each other and working their problems out, a hot swoon-worthy guy who comes into a girl's life and just turns it all upside down landing sideways askew and then puts her back together again without even realizing it, and a girl who nearly screws everything up until she realizes this is exactly what she's been needing all of her life and where she should be standing. It's about life and love and the unpredictability of things. Seriously, this is the book that you'll want to be reading this summer wherever you are. 

And.....the absolute best part: IT ALL TAKES PLACE ON THE BEACH!

In a way, I sort of feel like this book was totally written with me in mind, which is why I'm kind of excited to have the awesome fabulous and terrifically talented Rose Fall on the blog with me today. So, I think I'm handing this one over to her.

Chatting with the Author

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
It was fan fiction. It was about One Tree Hill which is still one of my favorite shows in the world. I used to write it by hand and then give it to one of my best friends to publish online, because we didn’t have internet at home. Medieval times…

Who are your favorite authors?
KIM HOLDEN! I’ve never before felt the way I did while reading Bright Side and Gus. It didn’t feel like reading a book, the devastation was so real. I feel like I came out of that a different person! I also love John Green, Lauren Oliver, Rainbow Rowell… 

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
One of the mottos I live by is a quote I read once: “Don’t take life too seriously; no one makes it out alive anyway.” My friends happen to think I have a pretty morbid sense of humor, but to me this idea is very liberating. It means I’m free to do whatever the h-e-double hockey sticks I want!  None of the mistakes I make are going to bring about the end of the world, and since I already know how this story ends (with death) there’s no need to worry about screwing it up…Yes, my friends are right. 

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I certainly have no shortage of hobbies. There are two categories for me; there are those hobbies I pick up and put down almost as quickly and then there are those I'm relatively committed to. In the past the former has included fencing, knitting, yoga, running, swimming, you can probably see a pattern with sports. Also on this list is ballroom dancing but that's something I would like to pick back up because I actually really enjoyed it. The other category includes baking, songwriting, reading, and travelling. 

Quick. Something weird… 
I've always dreamed about having a cooking show and sometimes when I'm cooking alone I talk to myself and explain all the steps, pretending there's a camera there.

What is your writing process?
It depends on the story. I have one short story called "Easy as 1, 2, 3" that came about in that strange state that's somewhere between dreaming and awake. Once I woke up all I had to do was write it! A lot of them begin with "What if..." then I play out a loose sequence in my head and try to decide if it's interesting enough that I would read it. Sometimes I'll write down a quote or song lyric I found interesting and months later revisit it to see what comes to me.

Where can your readers connect with you?
I have a blog, for anyone that wants to leave comments, questions, pictures of their cats…

I also have a twitter (@rosesarecool) though I'd be lying if I said I'm an active twitterer. 

A word that you use way too often? 
“Absurd.” Because everything is absurd. 

Awesome Giveaway Is Awesome!
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About the Author

Rose Fall was born in New York City to Senegalese immigrant parents. She is currently studying Communication and Global Studies at UNC Chapel Hill. 

Her debut novel How to Get Your Heart Broken is set to be released Spring 2016. You can find her at her blog on

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