Friday, July 22, 2011

#014 Follow Me Friday + #014 Blog Hop

FOLLOW ME FRIDAYHappy Follow Me Friday, everyone! The long and short of it, life is crazy and reading is my life, basically. So, yeah this feature is awesomesauce.

Go visitParajunkee's View, to get the deets on it and start having some fun. It's all about meeting some new people, finding new blogs to follow, and basically just having fun with awesome people.

This week she's featuring the totally amazing, awesomely charming, and crazy bookish fiends THE BLOGGERS OF: WE FANCY BOOKS! If you haven't checked out their amazeballs book blog, wtfrell are you waiting for?! GO NOW! :)

For more about this merry little band of book bloggers, check out Parajunkee's View.


"Name 3 authors that you would love to sit down and spend an hour or a meal with just talking about either their books or get advice on writing from?"

Hmm, this is a hard one. Let me see, if she weren't dead I'd definitely want to sit down and have a conversation with, V.C. Andrews about her inspiration for the stories that she had to tell and if there was any truth at all to them because it was "rumored" that Flowers in the Attic was partially based on a true story. Yikes! Who knows. lol.

And then I'd totally want to sit down with Kelley Armstrong and pick the brain of the master mind behind the wonderful Darkest Power series and find out all about her process for writing, what inspires her, and just who she is in general in relation to her writing in general.

The third one would probably be Libba Bray because I love her writing style and have definitely fallen in love with her Gemma Doyle trilogy. Plus, I love how extremely hilarious, witty, and sarcastic Beauty Queens has been so far, from the small bit of that I've read. I just love the fact that she's so versatile in whatever it is she's writing, she can go from a history paranormal love story to a philosophical tale that will sort of stay with you, to stranding a bunch of high maintenance beauty queens on a deserted island in sort of a lost Lost meets Miss Teen USA and pull it off so well that you'll laugh all the way through the book until you turn the last page.

BOOK BLOGGER HOP Brought to you by the ever awesome and fiercely amazing CRAZY FOR BOOKS. Want to make a connection with a fellow blogger? Feel the need for a few new followers? Or you just want to spread some blogger spirit and love? Well, this is totally the "blogger hop" for you and you can find out how to do all that at CRAZY FOR BOOKS.


"What’s the ONE GENRE that you wish you could get into, but just can’t?"

I think this genre would have to be straight romance in general. And what I mean by that is, I can't just sit down and read a book where the main plot of it is to meet, fall in love, and get the happy ending with the guy/girl or whoever of your choice and have that be all that the book is about. Now, if you give me a little bit of time travel, a romance that doesn't overwhelm or overshadow the entire span of the novel, and a semi-sweet happy ending then I can totally get behind that. But, just to sit down and read a romance novel where it's all about the romance, swooning over whatever guy the main protagonist is salivating over at the moment, and have that be all the book is about - it's a definitive NOT NO, BUT HELL FRELLING NO!

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