Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

This is just me checking in with you for Day 2 of the Once Upon A Read-A-Thon. I've finished readingPutting Makeup On Dead People and started reading Hex Hall. I've decided I'm going to tackle a couple of ARC's and a couple of books pulled from my bookshelf, that I've been needing to read. Plus, I'll be trying to finish up a couple of books that I'd started reading prior. I don't know how well that's going to go, but we'll see.


Total Books Read: 1 book finished
Currently Reading: Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
Total Pages Read: 526
Books Read Since Last Update: Putting Make Up On Dead People
Pages Read since last update: 359
Total time read: 12.5 hours
How I'm currently feeling: I will hopefully be finishing Hex Hall tonight and starting The Girl of Fire and Thorns. Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good, but I'm a little bit behind because I've have been having some seriously bad allergies that have caused some awful headaches, and I've been having to take more breaks than I thought I would during my reading. But, I'm hoping to get back on track.

Mini Challenge #001 for Day 2:

Sabrina YA Bliss is wanting us to name our Top 3 Love Triangles. So, mine are below!

Adrian vs Dimitri = In the beginning, I was one of the biggest hardcore Dimitri/Rose fangirl's that you would ever find, but by the time that I got to Spirit Bound everything changed entirely and it became Adrian and Rose. Probably, mostly Adrian himself, if I'm honest. Something shifted somehow with Dimitri and I decided that Adrian was by far a hell of a better for Rose than Dimitri could be at that particular time. It was all circumstantial, but still I hold to that. The Vampire Academy.

Eric vs Bill = Okay, first things first, have you seen Alexander Skarsgard?! Because, I'm just saying. HELLO! And secondly, Bill is all weird stalker creepy and I hate the way he says Sookie's name gives me the geebee's, so clearly the better choice for Sookie all around is Eric because at least he'll be way more honest with her and far less manipulative than Bill ever has been or will be. True facts. Sookie Stackhouse series.

Damon vs Stefan = 1. It's Damon. 2. He's a hell of a lot more sexy, mysterious, dark, and complicated than Stefan will ever be. 3. He's not selfish, when it comes to Elena in all of the ways that it actually counts and matters. He loves her just enough to know what's best fro her, something I'm not entirely sure Stefan is capable of doing. The Vampire Diaries.

Okay, that's it for me today. I'm out, more reading and less playing around on the 'net!

Also, one more thing, there will be no Teaser Tuesday or WoW from me this week, due to the Read-A-Thon.

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