Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Event: YA Author Appreciation - Want To Participate? Here's How...


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❝YA Author Appreciation❞
December 19-30th

Over the past week, my friend Molli @ Once Upon A Prolouge and I have been discussing author's who have changed the way that the we read books forever, those that have left their everlasting mark on us and have made us want to read more and/or have defined the way in which we choose what we are willing to read and what we aren't. This conversation sparked something inside of me and got me to thinking, how awesome it could be if group of us as bloggers got together and wrote "guest posts" on our favorite young adult author's or those who have inspired us or changed the way we read books.

This is where you guys, come in. If you would like to participate in this, all you have to do is pick an author who has inspired you or changed the way you read (young adult, please) and write a post about them. It can be as long or as in depth as you want it to be and it can be about anything you want to write about, an experience you had meeting the author (if you were lucky enough), the reason their books inspire you to keep reading, etc. Send it to me at susanhaugland(at)att(dot)net with the subject line "guest post: ya author's appreciation", no later than the first week of December and I will post it on my blog along with the rest of the guest posts that are already in the works. My plan is to start posting one "guest post" a day from December 19-30th.

If more people decide they want to join in and celebrate more young adult author's, then I will move the dates up accordingly. So far, there are enough participating in this small but fun event, that will fill two weeks worth of "guest posts" and there are some wonderful author's already being chosen like: Cassandra Clare, Andrea Creamer, Richelle Mead, Stephanie Perkins, Scott Westerfield, Becca Fitzpatrick, Suzanne Collins, Sarah Dessen, Stephenie Meyer, Anna Godbersen, Jodi Meadows, and the one exception V.C. Andrews. Hopefully, there will be more of you guys wanting to participate and write about some of the other wonderful young adult author's we have out there in that talented pool of gifted individuals. My goal is to have enough "guest posts" on many different young adult author's to post throughout the whole month of December, but if I can't get that many people involved then I'll be happy with the two weeks worth of posting.

I just really would like to get some really wonderful discussions started on all of these different author's about how wonderfully talented they are and created as much buzz surrounding their books as I can, as well as getting us guys to interact with one another more and just feature various different bloggers. In addition to going live with your "guest post" I will link back to your blog via your button or text link in general and encourage all of my lovely followers to come show you some love and support. If you want, you are also welcome to write a little paragraph or two about who you are, your blog, why you started blogging, and include that with your "guest post" on whichever young adult author you've chosen to write about.

If you know any fellow bloggers you think might want to participate in this, please pass on this information or you can link to this post using the above button for this event. I hope you join the rest of us in celebrating these wonderful author's who have changed the way we read or have influenced us in other ways.

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