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Book Review: More Like Her by Liza Palmer

More Like Her
by Liza Palmer
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Expected Publication: April 17, 2012
Pages: 336
Age Demographic: Adult Contemporary
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What really goes on behind those perfect white picket fences?

In Frances's mind, beautiful, successful, ecstatically married Emma Dunham is the height of female perfection. Frances, recently dumped with spectacular drama by her boyfriend, aspires to be just like Emma. So do her close friends and fellow teachers, Lisa and Jill. But Lisa's too career-focused to find time for a family. And Jill's recent unexpected pregnancy could have devastating consequences for her less-than-perfect marriage.

Yet sometimes the golden dream you fervently wish for turns out to be not at all what it seems--like Emma's enviable suburban postcard life, which is about to be brutally cut short by a perfect husband turned killer. And in the shocking aftermath, three devastated friends are going to have to come to terms with their own secrets . . . and somehow learn to move forward after their dream is exposed as a lie.

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❝My Thoughts❞

More Like Her is an emotionally engaging and compelling murder mystery, that has intriguing plot, wonderfully developed characters, and more twists and turns than any reader could ask for. It's highly entertaining and wildly suspsenseful, with the drama, secrets, and lies. It just might be the perfect little crime, all on its very own. The crime being, deliciously enjoyable and fun to read. It's simply the best read example of how the grass isn't always greener and Liza Palmer does not disappoint readers in the least little bit.

Frannie is a wonderfully delightful and fun character to get to know. Though sometimes her worst enemy, she definitely has her friends and loved ones best interests at heart. She's caring and loyal to a fault, while still possessing realistic flaws that will have readers finding her character likable and easy to connect with. They are the most basic human flaws most possess, like lack of self confidence and potentially standing in her own way. The romance between her and Sam is beautifully written, as he seems to be the perfect match for her.

Sam is an incredibly swoon worthy handsome southern gentleman, who's attempting to find a new lease on life of his own. He's the kind of guy that any woman would be lucky to end up with, strong, solid, and stable. He has spent long enough standing in the shadow of his father and now it's time for him to step out into the light and experience his own personal rewards of what life has to offer. He's wonderfully charming and sweet, with a heart of gold. It's delightful to watch as these two grow closer and spend time together, discovering how much they care for the other. Together, these two make such a beautifully entertaining couple.

In many ways, Sam and Frannie were simply the highlight of the book for me, in terms of the emotional and realistic turmoil that brimming just underneath. Liza Palmer has penned the perfect blend of chick-lit with harsh reality and off-set it against a charming yet secretive town full of mystery and intrigue all its very own. More Like Her is a book that will change and shift readers perceptions of having everything you ever wanted as oppossed to the appearance of everything you ever wanted. It will tug at heartstrings and leave them breathless and aching. The inner-most struggles of each of the characters as they go through life and are affected by the outcome of what's rocked their little town, will change the way readers think.

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Liza Palmer is the internationally bestselling author of Conversations with the Fat Girl. Conversations with the Fat Girl became an international bestseller its first week in publication, being named a Target Breakout book, as well as hitting Number 1 on the Fiction Heatseekers List in the UK the week before the book debuted.

Her second novel is Seeing Me Naked and her third novel is A Field Guide to Burying Your Parents was published in January 2010. She currently lives in Los Angeles and is hard at work on her next novel as well as several film and television projects.

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  1. I just had to check out your review of this book, since we were talking about it.  It sounds sweet and really kind of awesome!  The synopsis gives off sort of a Desperate Housewives feel, like this book could be an intensely guilty pleasure!  I MAY have to check it out!  : )

  2. Harsh reality meets Chick-Lit - sounds intriguing to me! Glad you enjoyed this as much as you did. Thanks for being on the tour!


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