Friday, March 18, 2011

#001: Follow Me Friday & Book Blogger Hop

F.O.L.L.O.W. M.E. F.R.I.D.A.Y.

This week's spotlight is on:

Gone with the Words

I was turned onto to her blog, through Parajunkee and Embrace Your Oddities and let me tell you, her blog is super fantastic. No, really. It is and you should check it out. And so, to honor how awesomely fierce her blog is, from one super fierce lady to the next here's Britney with a song.

Of course this amazing concept of meeting new people, making new friends, and finding more awesome blogs to follow is brought to you by the ultra-fabulous and incredibly talented Rachel via PARAJUNKEE VIEW.

To get in on the fun, all you have to do is follow this link by clicking on the button below:

And viola! Easy as pie. :)

Now onto the goods. This week's question is:

How did you come up with your blog name?

Sometimes, I have so much to say that I just can't find the words to really say what I'm feeling or thinking, or well maybe more like find the "right" words to convey my thoughts because they're too personal or life stuff is way too painful to want to say it out loud. So, a soul unsung, is like something that I feel like I carry around with me a lot. I mean, it's not always so easy for me to just put myself out there, sometimes. So, I keep things to myself, I harbor deep thought provoking feelings that I just can't say. Not that I don't want to, but can't because my soul feels burdened and even though taking some of the weight off of it would help, I still can't find myself doing that. And besides, if I can't say it perfectly the way that I want to, then maybe it doesn't really need to be spoken aloud.

Happy Birthday, Book Blogger!
Happy Happy Birthday to you,
To you.

Book Blogger Hop

Little sidenote before we start, I kinda love that I chose to celebrate my first time Book Hopping with it's one year anniversary. How awesome is that?! TOO MUCH! :D

And the question of the week hails all the way from Somer over @ A Bird's Eye View.

Do you read only one book at a time, or do you have several going at once?

This is hilarious, because I was just asking my mom the other day "how do you read more than one book at a time?" Because, this I just cannot comprehend. It's just too hard for me to concentrate and yet, here I am a virtual contradictory of what I just said. Because, a.) I'm currently some pages into a review read Any Witch Way (won't be released officially until April 8, 2011) and also Beautiful Creatures and I am already getting super duper confused. lol.

So, yeah...go figure. lol.

And so now that I've done my part and shared with you, it's your turn. Share please?! :)

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