Monday, March 21, 2011

#001: Monday's Updates

Hi guys,

Just a little fyi, for things going on here at A Soul Unsung, my laptop (which, is pretty much my life literally) is in with the geeks over at Best Buy because it's been overheating a bit and has shut itself down at least three to four times within the last three to four months. So, I'm having them run some diagnostics on it to see what's going on there and to possibly see if they can fix it as well, without having to send it off. So, keep your fingers crossed that they find out what the problem is and are able to fix it.

Also, we just found that my gran is going to have to have a pacemaker put in, so I may be away from my computer at different times on different days, while accompanying her to the day procedure as well as other various errands and doctor's appointments. If you find me lagging behind in updating here, things will tenatively be up in the air for the next couple of weeks while I try and shuffle some things around, don't like freak out on me and think I've abandoned ya'll or anything. Because, I haven't and I promise you a real post and update with some things to come, soon.

At the moment, I'm having rely on trusty ol' faithful pc, which is slow as mollasses. No, really...she is. And she's getting on in her old age as well. So, yeah this is me fighting with her right now, just to get this message out to you and keep you updated on the goings on. Will try to get back tonight in the later hours and get a decent post up, at some point.

If not, tomorrow then. Tomorrow is always another day.

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