Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#001: Teaser Tuesday's

My teaser this week comes from Ally Condie's, Matched.

"There is so much that I want. I feel it so much that I am water, a river of want, pooled in the shape of a girl named Cassia." (p 300)

I'm actually reading this novel, right now. From the moment I saw the cover, I was instantly drawn to the pretty girl wearing the bright green dress inside the bubble. I knew from the moment I started turning the pages, that it would be a book I couldn't put down. Cassia is a strong, beautiful, and charasmatic character who dares to want things in a world where you're not supposed to want things. She lives in a society where everything is chosen for you by the higher officials, your vocation, your match, even when you die. And still, she refuses to conform to their standards, because she's different. She can feel it in her bones, knows it in the depths of her soul, keeps it hidden in the poems that are forbidden. She says so much, without literally speaking the words outloud and the imagery of this small teaser alone, does a fantastic job of acquainting you with her character.

This is definitely a book that I would highly suggest. Once I'm finished with it, there will be a review posted sometime within the next week or two. Most likely, next week at some point.

Teaser Tuesday's brought to you by, RuleTheWaves

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