Thursday, March 17, 2011

#001: Thoughtful Thursday Nights


Behind the books, lies the heart of a geek. For anyone who knows me, knows this is pretty much true facts. I'm tired tonight and it's late and I've been extremely un-productive as far as keeping this blog up and reading goes.

Or well, that may not be entirely true at all. I did start reading Beautiful Creatures late last night and I have managed to read about 25 pages on Any Witch Way by Annastaysia Savage. So far, it's really cute and totally geared for the younger "younger adults," but Sadie (the main character) is really sort of relatable. I will be posting the review for it on April 8th, since that's the day that it's being released. So, if you have younger kids or any nieces/nephews and they enjoy reading, this is definitely the book for them.

And I still have to read Chris Tusa's, Dirty Little Angels and review it. I finally received an email from him with the coupon for the e-book. Sometime within the next month, I will busy myself with doing and writing up the review. I've heard a mixed bag of things about it and glimpsed a few various different reviews, but I still think I'm gonna go into it with optimism and give it a chance to impress me.

It's just really been a blergh day. Didn't start out good at all, because I missed General Hospital (18 years and I've NEVER missed an episode of that show) and today I missed it in the middle of all the big stuff going down, because some worker crew was out my way and accidentally cut the cable line. So, yep, you guessed it. No cable and no internet, since I get my internet through my cable provider and it didn't come back until 3p, which is after General Hospital which comes on at 2p.

Guess it'll be me and Hulu, when I get the chance to catch up.

Oh and I wanted to say welcome to the new followers out there and let you know how wonderful I think you guys all are. I've been fortunate to meet some really awesome people and have them follow me, as I follow them. So, yeah...welcome and it's been a pleasure getting to know you, oh and thanks for all off the feedback and the wonderful comments. At some point, I'd like to hold a giveaway, but it will be when I can actually afford it. Like maybe in a few months, when I reach a milestone my number of followers or something like that.

So, anyone have any ideas on stuff I could give away? Like, ya know $10 gift cards (Barnes&Noble, Amazon, etc.), types of journals, notebooks, pens, a booklight, bookmarks, a book of sorts (young adult genre of course). I would love all the suggestions/feedback I could get, as I'm just starting out and trying to get my blog off the ground.

And there you have it, straight from the trailer geek's trashy mouth.

Stay tuned for more "thoughtful thursday night's," next week. :)

a soulunsung

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