Thursday, May 26, 2011

#002 Booking Through Thursday


Booking Through Thursday is a weekly event hosted HERE, where fellow book-dorks get together and discuss books and bookish type things. Each week there is a theme or a different subject and all you have to do is make a post about it in your blog and then link to the post in the comments section. Easy-peasy.

Do you ever feel like you’re in a reading rut? That you don’t read enough variety? That you need to branch out, spread your literary wings and explore other genres, flavors, styles?

Oh yes, definitely sometimes. It's like I go through these phases where I'm horribly addicted to those trashy fun paperback novels that you'd find yourself reading just for the hell of it, when you can't find anything else that you really want to read or you're in between a series and you're waiting for the next book to come out, but it's going to be a little while before it does. Then sometimes, I find myself seriously wanting to break out of my "reading comfort zone" and try something new, like picking up a Steampunk/Gaslamp, reading a really good contemporary beachy romance girly-type novel, or reading anything else that just isn't tied to the paranormal dark urban fantasy realm filled with vampires, werewolves, and other ooglie booglies oh my!

These days, I've found myself picking up books that are more realistic that deal with life issues, a fantastic Steampunk novel that takes me back to another time with a modern twist and a really fantastic heroine, or a dystopian that I can really sink into and forget the world exists for a few hours as I'm lost in the pages. I really like discovering new authors and books of other genre's that I feel like I'd be interested in reading, I've really sort of branched with the fantasy novels that I've been picking up lately or receiving for review. They're something new for me and I have a few reads planned or the upcoming month, that I'm quite excited about.

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