Thursday, January 12, 2012

YA Author's Appreciation Event: Featuring Rebecca of Kindle Fever and Andrea Cremer





I’ve always loved to read and ever since I knew how to, I’ve been known to stay inside and read while the other children were outside playing. I’ve come across amazing series since then and my reading habits have no doubt changed drastically over the years, especially since I fell into the habit of reading English novels. Books have always helped me getting through rougher times as well, but this post won’t be about one of those. Instead it will be about a book opening my eyes and that’s the reason my love for the genre Young Adult even started!


When Suz invited me to write a post for her YA appreciation week, I knew right away who I had to write about. This author made me overlook my own stupidity of stubbornly thinking I didn’t like Young Adult novels at all; that they were all too ‘simply’ written. Had I read any indicating this? Yes, but definitely not enough to judge an entire genre. So, who am I talking about? Andrea Cremer!


A lot of my Goodreads friends had recommended Nightshade to me this year, but I’d never thought too much about it until quite recently when I spotted their new, gorgeous covers. I know, I’m awful! But that's how they caught my eye again and I finally decided to listen to the recommendations and give Nightshade a go. Let’s just say it surprised me a whole lot. I was hooked right away and loved every single thing about it; characters, mythology, plot… you name it. And it definitely wasn’t written in that ‘simple’ way I dislike. I even loved it more than a lot of the Adult series I’ve read in my days! Sometimes I even think that Young Adult novels actually contain more emotions and tension than Adult ones, since they don’t actually type out everything like Adult novels do (whether steamy or gory scenes), and I’m a sucker for those kind of reads.


After this point my reading habits were turned quite upside down and it was an amazing wake-up call. Why would I judge YA as a whole for a few bad reads? I don’t even see my own logic. I was mainly scared to come across reads I wouldn’t like, which is kind of stupid, since I will find those occasionally in any genre. Since then I’ve read and loved extremely many YA novels, and I now choose my reads based on blurb, not genre specifically. If it sounds interesting, why not give it a try? It’s how I found YA. What Cremer managed was to help me get to know myself a little better and what I want in a book. I’m not locked to one thing anymore, but have spread my views and I’m so happy she helped me open my eyes!

I realize this might sound pretty logical to many already. Maybe I lived under a rock and was so limited in my reads for such a long time that I just wasn't used to stepping far outside my current comfort zone. I’m just grateful that Cremer’s work helped me with that and to not judge my reads, but instead see if they interest me. Now I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t limit myself to specific genres and I’ve noticed I enjoy my reads a lot more these days. Every time I read an amazing YA, I’m extremely glad I decided to pick up her work! So thank you, Andrea.

If you haven’t read her work, you definitely should! It’s amazing, unique and thrilling.


  1. Great post!  I love it.  I have a couple authors I feel the same way about, and I just love it when an author can change your pov on a genre!

  2. I had the same trouble with Romance books. Too much panting and not enough story for me. Too simple to catch my imagination. Still, since I have been doing book reviews, I have found one or two that were good, solid stories wrapped around a love story, so I am open to at least reading the blurb.
    I, too, find much of YA too simple BUT I agree with your comment about emotions and tension. If you look at old movies, they didn't really show much of the actual violence, allowing your mind to fill in the blanks. This is why I prefer less graphic novels.

  3. Another Rebecca here, checking in and I just wanted to say that I need to get a move on and read this series. Next month is my reading series month. I plan on reading the "Strange Angels" series, "Luxe" series, "Nightshade" series, and the "Iron Fey" series. I'm about to follow your blog as well. I need someone with some adult novel suggestions in my life! :)

    Your guest post was fabulous btw.


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