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Movie Review: The Hunger Games *May Contain Slight Spoilers*


❝The Hunger Games❞
Movie Review

Over the weekend I got the chance to go see THE HUNGER GAMES, which I was extremely excited for. It did not disappoint. If you haven't seen it yet, then you should totally make the time because it's worth it. The trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 was not what I expected, but yeah.

KATNISS VOLUNTEERS TRIBUTEThe movie starts, the lights go down, and the Reaping begins. It was nothing short of amazing and I have to say, that I was a bundle of nerves and energy watching it. Katniss's reaction to Primrose name being called and then voluntering to take her place in the Tribute absolutely had me in tears already. Jennifer Lawrence is phenomenally talented and definitely knocked that scene out of the park, showing how brave and amazing Katniss really is. I loved getting to see the deep bond shared between her and Primrose.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE AS THE GIRL ON FIREKatniss is strong, heroic, and nothing short of resilient and brave in the face of what truly awaits her. In all my years of reading young adult books and enjoying some of the film adaptations (I say this loosely), I have never seen a character quite like her. Right away, Suzanne Collins sets her apart from so many of them out there and makes it easy to connect with her and gives her enormous strength of heart, in a game of harrowing survival. As I said above, Jennifer Lawrence is incredibly amazing as Katniss Everdeen and I could not see anyone else in this role. What she brings to this wonderful character is simply awe-inspiring. I get chills thinking about it.

WOODY HARRELSON AS HAYMITCHHaymitch, on the other hand, wasn't exactly who I expected. He was brilliantly depicted by an awesome actor, just not who I actually pictured in my mind at all - maybe a little off at times, but nonetheless amazing. I guess, in my mind I just pictured him a bit darker and lot more wounded having survived and won The Hunger Games. I kind of wish the movie would have depicted that a little better. I still enjoyed all of his scenes with Katniss and just the character in general. The notes he sent to Katniss had me cracking up and my shoulders shaking with laughter sometimes. I think it's safe to say that by the end of the movie, Woody Harrelson had definitely won me over as Haymitch. It might not have been a miss, after all.

CINNA AND KATNISSI was also impressed with Lenny Kravitz as Cinna and was equally surprised at how well he was able to pull off the acting. It's almost like he was born for this role, plus his scenes with Katniss were epic and they pulled at my heart causing it to ache in good ways. I liked how he didn't want to dress both Katniss and Peeta up like clowns and he made them stand out, giving a perfect tie-in for the girl on fire. Their outfits were pretty amazing, being on fire, and I think I actually covet Katniss's red dress a little bit. Loved it, when she got up and showed that she was actually on fire, plus later in the movie when they have that scene between them, the mockingjay pin, and she's in the transport tube. Such an intense fearful moment.

KATNISS AND PRIMROSE SAYING GOODBYEThree minutes to say goodbye is just not enough. Primrose had me bawling, the way she was holding onto to Katniss and she was trying to be stoic, strong, and yet fearful at the same time. Primrose giving her the Mockingjay pin to keep her safe is what really reduced me to tears straight away. And Katniss angery with her mom, but also fearful and loving at the same time, tough love. Making her promise to be there for Primrose because she's all she has now that she can't be there.

GALE AND KATNISS SAY GOODBYEAnd then, Katniss and Gale. Oh my heart, how it aches for these precious two. Yes, I ship them. I loved the doomed ship, I am totally team!Gale. They just make me ache in all of the good and necessary ways. They're so beautiful and amazing and so many other things I can't put into words. They make me emotional. I feel like wherever Katniss is, Gale is always going to mean "home" for her.

EFFIE AND ALL HER CRAZY RIDICULOUS FLARE!The Capitol is weirdly bizzare and crazy strange, but the fashion sense was sort of awesome. No, seriously. It is...even though there's entirely too much pink for me. Effie had some of the best outfits and I just genuinely enjoyed her all around in general. The lightness that she brought to the tenseness of the games with her ridiculous but amazingly loveable flare that only she could possess was fantastic. I have a lot of respect for the task that Emily Banks had to pull off. It couldn't be that easy, getting the comedic timing down spot on and yet she did such a fantastic job of it. I can't remember what breed of dog that was, but my mom knew. I felt like a dork, haha.

THE INTERVIEWSI really enjoyed the interviews quite a bit, the way that Katniss was awkward in all the right ways made her even more appropriate and then the light-hearted funny that was Peeta. I thought the games were done pretty well - there was obviously less talking and more surviving/playing involved. Gives a pretty good visual for those who haven't read the books yet. And the game maker scenes were done in such an amazing realstic way and were integrated almost flawlessly. A+ for that!

RUE'S DEATH!Rue's death hit me pretty hard, I was doing pretty good with it up until Katniss sort of lost it and then I just lost it with her, and started bawling. I think my only quibble with that, is that there didn't seem like there was enough time to get to know Rue. I mean, I understand why but I would have preferred it a little more. And, I kind of wished that the cameras would have panned out to show the audience what the viewers of the show were seeing rather than panning upwards and showing the sky instead. But, oh my! There were some wonderful shots of rebellion after her death scene (Go Distict 11!), which I have to pause to say that Katniss gathering up flowers and singing her to her death, really moved me.

KATNISS AND PEETA IN THE CAVEI honestly don't know what to say about Peeta and Katniss, because I don't feel towards them what so many other's do. I sort of felt like their cave scenes were a bit awkward and I didn't get that chemistry that everyone else see's between them either. I mean, sure they were nice and all, but I feel like they're better suited as friends than as anything more. We'll see what happens with CATCHING FIRE, but I have a pretty good feeling that I'm always going to be a Gale/Katniss girl at heart. Or just Gale in general, because I just love him. The dymanic and connection that he shares with Katniss is so powerfully emotional and so beautiful that I can't help but love them.

SNOW AND SENECA!Oh my lord, Snow! He could not have been cast any better. From one ol' bastard (I say that with all the respect and admiration in my heart) to another, Donald Sutherland was definitely the perfect way to go. He played him with such subtle creepy that it made him even more scarier than I'd imagined him to be. I enjoyed the scenes with him and Seneca even though, I wanted to snatch up a hickory stick and give him a good thwack when he told Seneca that he didn't like underdogs. See, that's where the ol' bastard comes in, because you know he's seething about how the 74th Annual Hunger Games ended. Katniss pretty much showed them up like Haymitch said. It was truly fantastic.

Oh, and I almost felt bad for Seneca at the end, when you see what happens with him. Almost. But eh, not so much.

I don't know, for some reason I just didn't find it violent enough or as much as I really wanted or thought it should have been. To me, it felt like it should have been a bit more dark and gritty, filled with more violence and less jerky-ness with the camera. Sometimes it felt like it was a bit too jarring in some area's, then in other's like it was either too blurry or you just couldn't really see anything at all. This totally makes me appreciate the violence in Game Of Thrones so much more. But, of course, these are just some minor quibbles that I have.

GALE/KATNISS/PEETA TRIANGLE!And, you know the ending of the games was done brilliantly. I do have to say one more thing about Gale/Katniss/Peeta, my heart shattered when Gale saw her kiss Peeta in the cave on television. I just wanted to hug him and never let go. See, I totally love Gale. He is my fictional boyfriend for life. I can't wait for him to have more lines and to see more of his story in CATCHING FIRE, plus I want to see more interaction with him and Katniss. Oh, they do make my heart wibble so!

Dude, this movie totally blew the sparkles off Edward!!! You should definitely go see it...NOW!!!


  1. Great review, I loved it as well. I wasn't sure about Jennifer as Katniss from the trailers but she totally blew me away in the movie. Whenever she cried I cried haha. Urgh I am so excited for Catching Fire.

  2. This movie ROCKED my FACE off hard! I loved it so much! And it has nothing on Twilight and sparkly Edward!!

  3. I loved this movie and I also was a bundle of nerves when I watched the Reaping. The district 11 uprising was so powerful. I have a theory about the shaky camera work and this is just my opinion. I wondered if they did that to avoid showing the actual death of the kids. I thought they might have done that to keep down on the violence to keep a PG-13 rating. I am going to see it again. Great review!

  4. hmm..someone elses picture is showing up on my post. Weird.:)


    *coughs*  Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.  I have to say, I am glad and happy and all spazz-y that you love Gale.  And even if you do read the books and fall for Peeta, that's cool too, because I adore him.  I just like Gale and Katniss a bit better.  (Okay, so they're my OTP of all time.  HEEHEE.) 

    I loved Cinna, too.  He's such an amazing character that I really was hoping I'd love Lenny's portrayal of him, then I did, and I think that really says something considering how little screen time Lenny actually had WITH Jennifer.  But I totally fell for him as Cinna. 

    And, well, if you think Gale is your book boyfriend for life...wait until you meet Finnick Odair, and I can tell you who my dream!cast Finnick is.  You'll love him so much, I hope!

    I really  wanted Malcom MacDowell for Snow, but I do think that Donald Sutherland did a GREAT job at being the genial, creep-show President Snow.

    I had a few quibbles with the movie - Peeta's eyes are supposed to be blue, damn it! - that you may or may not have when you read the books, which I sincerely hope you enjoy as much as I did, but overall I'm with you: amazing movie with a FAB cast.  :)  So glad we're getting to squee over it together.  

  6. Oh my gosh, I'm so team Peeta and though I loved the movie, I don't think they got Katniss' and Peeta's relationship quite right.  In the books, Peeta becomes just as loved as Katniss but the movie seemed all about Katniss.  I'm hoping they get that dymanic right in Catching Fire because if they don't, the ending in Mockingjay won't feel right.

  7. Take away the hullabaloo surrounding the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling young adult book and what you have is an absorbing film with a dire premise that stands pretty much on its own. Lawrence is also the stand-out here as Katniss and makes her seem like a real person rather than just another book character brought to life on film. Good review Susan.


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