Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Promotional Post for Ella Bella by Jennifer Gibbons

JENNIFER GIBBONSBewitching Book Tours is hosting a book tour forJennifer Gibbons an intriguing and emotional young adult contemporary release, Ella Bella.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons is the author of the Smashwords bestseller I Woke Up In Love This Morning and the essay collection I Woke Up In Love This Morning. She lives in Lafayette California and is working on another soon-to-be-released novel.


Set in 2001, Ella Drake has just experienced two terrible losses: her father's death and her brother going overseas to fight the war against terroism. Just when things start to calm down in her life, her mother's job is outsourced to India.

Frightened, Ella tries to find security for herself and her mother. The search for security leads to a children's bookstore, a new friend, and her first kiss. And possibly, it paves the way for healing to begin.

From the bestselling author of I Woke Up In Love This Morning, Ella Bella explores loss and how lives can be changed.

*Summary taken from Goodreads.


Everything changed that autumn.

Iknow that sounds like such a cliche, but it was true. I started high school, and I was trying to become someone else. This was incredibly stressful, reinventing yourself. I had no idea how Madonna did it every year.
Gone was the girl who wore pink barrettes and chewed gum. I braided my hair in dozens of braids. Mom took one look at it and she declared, "Your hair looks like a rat's nest." I didn't care. It was my hair. I even thought about going by real name Eleanor, but realized that for better or worse, my name was Ella. Or if you asked my brother Derek, Cinderella.

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  1. Thank you so much for profiling Ella Bella today!


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