Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Legacy of a Dreamer Blog Tour with Book Review


Legacy of a Dreamer by Allie Jean

Published: May 2, 2012
Publisher: The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House
Age Demographic: YA Fantasy
Pages: 179

Chantal Breelan is a ward of the state, living under the care of a woman who is cold and heartless. Her past is a mystery, and her future is even more uncertain. She can’t recall why she had been taken from her parents and so she’s left with nothing but an empty hole where her childhood should have been. When she awakens from her nightmares, she’s left with terrible, violent images, as well as a boy whose face is oddly familiar, yet can’t be placed.

Scared and alone, Chantal begins to confide in an imaginary friend – a shadow in the shape of a man who stands in the corner of her room. She is comforted when she believes he listens to her.

On her eighteenth birthday, Chantal is forced to leave her foster home. She moves to New York City, but the start of her new life doesn’t begin as smoothly as she’d hoped. In this environment, she faces a whole new set of challenges.

One night at a subway station, Chantal meets a young boy who runs away from her, and she’s compelled to follow him down into the tunnels. But this Rabbit Hole reveals a world where reality is a nightmare. Her dreams are clues to her future, and her life becomes twisted and dangerous when she learns that things that go bump in the night are not just in fairy tales and childhood stories.

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Allie Jean has written an extraoridinary unique and compelling novel. Legacy of Dreams weaves a brilliant tapestry of stunningly dark, deceptive confusion. It is truly a marvelous world turned on its head, dripping with twisted and dangerous things that go bump in the night. Anyone who enjoys fairytales that don't necessarily have happy endings, tinged with just the slightest touch of the paranormal will truly enjoy this novel. It is wickedly desirable and intensely beguiling in all of its magnificently terrifying charms and appeal.

Chantal is an extremely complex and complicated character, but wonderfully developed and easy to connect with. She's written with such a stunning and powerful force, that readers will feel for her as they become ensnared in the story she has to tell. With her past an incredibly intriguing mystery and her future completely unexpected and most uncertain, she is left with a gaping hole of painful questions where her childhood should have been. Waking up from incredibly terrifyingly dark and twisted nightmares, full of even darker violent images, and the face of a boy she finds oddly familiar, she begins to confide in an imaginary friend. It isn't until she makes her move to New York, that things in her life begin to change drastically. She finds herself facing many different life altering challenges, that are completely unexpected.

Her life is thrown into a virtual tailspin, one night deep in the subway when a young boy she meets runs away from her, and she decides to chase him into the deep, dark twist-y tunnels. As she finds herself spiralling down this Rabbit Hole, she soon begins to realize that there is a whole new world where reality becomes the nightmare. It seems that the dreams she has hold the clues to her future, and things begin to take on a whole new dark and sinister meaning terrifying her greatly. It is a twisted, dark, and deceptive world that she has fallen into and she is clammoring to find her way out. It is there that she realizes that the dark terrible things she'd always read or heard about in fairytales aren't just alive in fairytales after all.

Legacy of a Dreamer will catapult readers into a suspenseful, terrifying, chill-inducing mystery that will both engage, stun, and captivate them. The pages are filled with wonderful action that is sure to entice them even more, even if it's a little slow getting started. Once it does, it simply does not disappoint. The evil creatures that inhabit the darkened dwellings of this fantasy nightmare-ish world are truly magnificently developed and are horrifically terrifying. Allie Jean's brilliant descriptions bring this hauntingly magical world to life in such a way that it leaps right off the pages at readers. It's such a beautiful start to what I personally believe will be an amazing series. This is a book that readers definitely don't want to miss out on.



Allie Jean was born with an overactive imagination. At a very early age, a child, her days were spent inventing stories, directing her sisters in made-up plays or telling elaborate ghost stories. Her mind never took breaks, or shutdown, even when she slept. When her eyes shut at night, she would have vivid dreams complete with extensive, elaborate plot lines, and good overcoming evil villains.

She was encouraged by her parents, even at a young age, to write down her tales, and it has remained a somewhat secret hobby. It became a means to escape from the drama of real life into one of the many worlds she created.

Now, living in California with her husband of ten years, her love of storytelling had taken a back seat with the arrival of their four children. Though, she always found time to write down her thoughts on whatever was handy, including a stray diaper or two while rocking a sleeping child in the middle of the night when her character's begged for attention as well.

As a busy wife, mother and working full-time outside the home, somehow she has been able to write down her relentless character's story. Her once secret hobby and private world, is now released for other's to enjoy. Nothing would make Allie happier that to continue writing and spend more time at home with her family on a more full-time basis.


  1. Oh, I'm so happy you liked the book!!! You're from Texas??? Any chance you'll be at the Texas Book Festival this weekend? I'll be there :)

  2. I wish more than ANYTHING that I could be there this weekend, but it's not going to be in the cards for me...sadly! :( But, I really did enjoy your book a great deal and I cannot wait until the next book comes out. :)


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