Monday, April 1, 2013


Are you guys ready to KICK-OFF the Anna and the French Kiss Read-A-Long!? 

All you have to do is sign-up, grab the button below, and your copy of ANNA. That's it, easy as pie.

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Hosted By: Molli @ Once Upon A Prolouge & Suz @ A Soul Unsung

You guys don't want to miss out on this, because there are going to be TONS OF FUN THINGS going on for the next three weeks! Awesome discussion questions, supa-SEKRET giveaway(s), mini-challenges, and so much more. To give you a better idea, you can find more about the schedule for this epic read-a-long brought to you in part by Molli and Suz!

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April 1 – Kick-off post with schedule of events (HI GUYS!)
April 2 – First discussion questions at A Soul Unsung and Once Upon a Prologue (Covering chapters 1-16!)
April 3Molli's experience reading ANNA. (You guys can do this too, but you don’t have to – it’s not a challenge.)
April 4 – First challenge post at Once Upon a Prologue: Post a picture of yourself with your copy of ANNA, be it at a bookstore, in your house, etc. (Linky will be provided!)
April 5 – Answers to first discussion questions due. (Hosted at Once Upon a Prolouge and at A Soul Unsung, with a linky for y’all to link us to YOUR answers. The linky will be open for a few days afterward. Be sure to link up your answers so we can visit your blogs!)

Break for the weekend! PHEW. Congratulate yourself for your AWESOMENESS. Also at this point by the 8th, my goal is for us to be at Chapter 17 to start off the second week!

April 8 – Second discussion questions at Once Upon a Prologue, and A Soul Unsung (Covering chapters 17-31.)
April 9 – Special SEKRET Giveaway (Will be posted at Once Upon A Prolouge and at A Soul Unsung).
April 10 – If enough people follow along on Goodreads/Twitter, Molli 
will do a post with people’s reactions to what we’ve read so far of ANNA! (Use hashtag #AnnaRAL to update your status on Twitter, GoodReads, etc – post quotes, your progress, etc!)
April 11 – Second challenge post at A Soul Unsung: Tell us about an experience YOU had in high school (or college) where you can relate to Anna! Inquiring minds want to know... (Linky will be provided for y’all to link your posts!)
April 12 – Answers to second discussion questions (Hosted at Once Upon A Prolouge and at A Soul Unsung, with a linky for y’all to link us to YOUR answers.)

Break for the weekend! We’re in the home stretch! You might need the break for a couple days to gear up for the EPIC last week of the read-a-long – because here come ALL THE FEELS. By now (or by the 15th) we should all be ready to start chapter 32!

April 15 – Third/final discussion questions posted at Once Upon A Prolouge. (Covering chapters 32-47)
April 16 – Third/final challenge post at A Soul Unsung: Post a review of Anna and the French Kiss! (Linky will be provided, along with more information.)
April 17Molli's experience reading LOLA (again, y’all CAN do this, but don’t have to!)
April 18 – Answers to third discussion questions posted Once Upon A Prolouge and at A Soul Unsung. (Linkys will be at both blogs for y’all to link us to YOUR answers!)
April 19 – If enough people use the hashtag (#AnnaRAL), Molli will do another post with your/our reactions to the book!
April 20 – Our favorite quotes/wrap-up post/Twitter chat with swag pack giveaways for trivia questions and participants.

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Sign-up's linky is just below for you guys!

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