Sunday, February 16, 2014

LoveAThon: Letter to Future Me!

I'm playing catch up during the wee hours of LoveAThon 2014, because my computer totally decided to go postal on me! Seriously, there was a virus on there, then the Internet went absolutely bat-crap-cray, and on top of that I've been battling issues with both of my ears as in...I think I have an infection. Ugh! But, I wanted to at least do this particular Mini-Challenge, even if it was late because it's the most important one. Well, not "most important" as in better than the other's or the other's are meaningless (because so not!), but the one that is going to probably be the most personal and meaningful thing I've written all year and I needed to write this. So, is my letter to my Future!Self.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

A Beautiful Soul Unsung
Dear Future!Me,

I hope you're smiling right now, because you look your absolute best when you're smiling. I hope you know what a beautiful spirit you have inside, too. Don't ever forget that you have so much to offer those you care about and that you have also touched lives and hearts of those you hold close to you. You are gorgeous inside and out, so remember to always be your super fun dorky self, and try not to worry about what other's think of you because in the end they don't really matter. You've come a long way, baby, and you're so much better for it!

By now, I hope that you've learned to love yourself the way that other's love you, because that's one of the most important things you'll ever do in your life. I hope that you can see yourself the way you want to be seen through other's eyes and if they can't appreciate the person you are then don't sweat them at all. Hater's to the left, yo! Because, life is incredibly too short to try living it to please other's, when it's more important to do all the things that are right, happy, and healthy for you. You can't please everyone and by now, I hope that you know that and are doing the things that make YOU the happiest because I want YOU to be happy.

I hope you look back and know that you were loved in so many wonderful ways, by so many fantastic people and that you are so blessed to have them in your life. The best people you will ever have in your life are the one's who truly support you for who you are and wish the best things for you. Don't forget the moment when you and Molli learned that you could "be better" or the time that Katie made you tear up in a good way or the way it felt when you finally started getting to know Marie. I also hope you and Molli have revived the Dead Dictator's on Parade and have gone on a full blown national sold out tour! Always remember the lol's, the crazy late night tweet sessions with your GBYA girls, and all of the fun things that make being best friends with them the most amazing thing you'll ever do in your life.

You're an inspiring woman, my friend. I hope you know that and I also hope you know that

you are amazingly crazy creative, too. Your love for designing jewelry goes way beyond being just a hobby and I hope that it has taken you to some pretty amazing places. I hope that you created that shop on Etsy and I hope that it was as successful as you ever dreamed and
Bookish Charms 2014
hoped it would be. 2014 was the year that you promised yourself that you were going to start making things happen for YOU and that you were blog about whatever you wanted to blog about, you weren't going to let other's get you down, and you were do what makes you happy and creating beautiful pieces of custom one-of-a-kind jewelry played a BIG PART in that whole "doing things that make you happy" resolution.

I hope you remember this blog gave you some of the best times you ever had, even though there were moments where it felt like it was more a chore to keep up, than something that you started because you wanted a place to talk about all of the bookish things that you love. I'm so proud of you for never giving up on it and for always striving to make things better, instead of throwing in the towel. Don't forget that you've learned so many wonderful things about who you are and who you've become through this blog and the awesome people that you've met and gotten to know along the way. Some of your best and most cherished friendships came out of creating this blog and one in particular was knitted back together and is probably one of the most special meaningful ones that you've been blessed to have.

Don't ever forget the books that touched you so much, that you wanted to cry because they were so beautiful, inspiring, and meaningful. Always laugh, because the sound of laughter is the best sound ever! Don't ever let other's make you feel insignificant and always remember to take chances. Take a lot of them, because in the end they are worth the challenge. Take a breath and three steps forward towards all of your goals and don't forget to encourage fellow bloggers and friends to try new things with you, like reading books that challenge your comfort zone and some that just may end up changing the way that you read. Never forget how beautifully inspiring V.C. Andrews is and the way that one amazing author changed the way that you read for the rest of your life. Always remember that Harry and Hermione are what should have been, but don't hold grudges because they give you wrinkles and worry lines. lol.

Be proud of who you are and who you will become, remember that it's not always easy, but you can do it. Always stay true to who you are, that's the most valuable piece of advice that I can give you. And if there are times where you feel like you're at a crossroads or an impasse with an author, a friend, or someone you admire in general and for whatever reason you break up, remember that..."we are never, ever, ever getting back together..." Trust me, it's probably for the best. <3 

Yeah, admit it. You loved you some Tay Swift and your favorite song was, I Knew You Were Trouble, because you loved the voiceover in the video. "I don't know if you know who you are until you lose who you are." For some crazy reason or another, you really just connected with that and the song became a staple of your life for that year, along with 22 because that made you want to dance in your underwear ala Callie style. That was a fun moment in your life.

The last thing I want to tell you, is that even though life may be insane and all sorts of crazy, just remember to slow down and breathe. Stand up straight and always remember that you can tackle whatever it is you're facing, because you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. You always were, even if you never knew it or really believed you were. There were enough beautiful people in your life that knew it for you and were all too ready to remind you when you needed it.

P.S. They'll still be there to do it, I just hope that you won't need it so much now, as you did back then.

Oh, and one more thing, never ever forget that....



  1. Awww what a great and inspiring letter! I really do need to read something like this myself :)

    Followed you on blogger, love discovering new blogs through Loveathon! :)

    -Kimi at Geeky Chiquitas

  2. This is such a touching letter to yourself! You really spoke to some personal struggles, as well as highlighting some of the great reasons we all love blogging so much!

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