Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mini-Bloggiesta: Day 1 Update Status (July 2014)

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I sort of got a head start on on my mini-bloggiesta list of things to do, because I had a feeling that one whole weekend would simply not work out for me. Believe me, there is MUCH TO DO in the way of cleaning up this blog, making things a little more simpler, getting my time management and planning phases under control, among other things. I really feel like I've been productive today, getting little things here and there finished and updated, where I needed to. I even found a little time to comment on some of the mini-bloggiesta participants blogs a little bit and checked out the hashtag and tweeted a bit. So, yay for me!

Right now, this is pretty much how I'm feeling. lol.

So, to cap off the Day 1 in the Mini-Bloggiesta July 2014 challenge, here's what I have accomplished so far and what I still need/plan on hopefully getting done this weekend. Oi! That's a lot of stuff, right there. Hahaha.

The List of To-Do's and Finished Things for Day #1

Write two reviews (Already written three and posted them on Goodreads and Scheduled them on Blogger). 
Update Pinterest 2014 Books Reviewed (Still have to update the Review Archive on the Blog, but I was able to get my books I've read and reviewed already this year archived on my Books Read and Reviewed Archive on Pinterest.)
Need to add Recently Reviewed sidebar item (I did this and ended up changing my "Books Read" to "Books Read and Reviewed" in the sidebar).
Need to finishh up with the last 4 posts for the 15 Book Blogging Challenge and schedule them. (I haven't started on this one, but hopefully I'll be able to start on it tomorrow.)
Need to write out at least 3 to 4 more WoW posts and schedule them (Need to pick these books out).
Need to write up 5 Favorite New Fantasy Books post and schedule (Books have already been picked out, post needs to be written).
Need to do at least 2 mini-challenges.
Comment on mini-bloggiesta participants posts (Have already commented on a few, will comment on more throughout weekend).
Write up Day 1 mini-bloggiesta update post...
Put a Review TBR list together... 

Okay, guys. That's today's list of to-do's and things that I was able to get finished. We're halfway there to the finish line. I hope you guys are doing good and meeting all the goals that you're wanting to. 

Good luck!

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