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Wishful Wednesday's featuring One Song Away by Molli Moran

Today, I'm really super excited because I get to talk about two things that I love - reading and one of my favorite Indie author's, the fabulously talented Molli Moran. You might recognize her from her previous debut New Adult novel, As You Turn Away (The Walker Boys #1), which is a swoon-worthy southern romance filled with epic amounts of charm and appeal. This Fall she's revisiting that world with a novella, As We Fall Together (The Walker Boys #1.5), that will kind of be the continuation of Jonah and Quinn. Earlier this year, she left them in a place where they would be alright, a place in their hearts where they could breathe again - could find love in one another despite their many flaws or faults. This time, we'll get to see them grow closer together, learn how to work through their problems, and grow as individuals. I have no doubt it's going to be one of the most beautiful journey's ever, but then again I never doubted Molli's ability to tell a beautiful story.

At this point, I think it's safe to say that she's cornered the market on New Adult contemporary southern romance. Next month, she's releasing her sophomore novel entitled One Song Away, beautifully written, stunningly poignant and enchanting. I was one of the lucky few who was given the chance to beta read it before anyone else got the chance to read and review it. If you would like to see my review for it, you can click through to Goodreads. I am so excited to be sharing this book with you, because it's one that I'm definitely anticipating. So, if you love New Adult contemporary romance novels with southern flare, swoon-worthy handsome men, epic friendships that last a lifetime, and so much then this is the novel for you. It's dropping December 1, 2014 and you can pre-order it just in time to read it for Christmas or you know, give as a gift to someone else you think may like it.

New Adult Contemporary
(Mature Themes)
Cover Design by the lovely Marie Landry
Releases December 1, 2014


She needs a fill-in boyfriend. He needs a favor. It’s the perfect, no-strings arrangement until they both realize it’s too real…

Sophie-Claire Wright’s life is like a bad country song on repeat. She keeps running into her cheating ex, her songwriting career isn't taking off, and her roommate just kicked her out of their apartment. With nothing to lose, she decides to do the one thing she said she’d never do: she moves back home. She left her small Southern town with big dreams, but now she’s going home with empty pockets.

Life moves at a slower pace in Sophie’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hometown, but her well-meaning, matchmaking mama doesn't have a slow gear. Sophie invents a boyfriend to hold off her mother’s efforts, but she’s out of luck when her mom wants to meet him. Sophie panics until she runs into Jake Cooper. Her high school crush (and former best friend) is back in town, too, and when he asks her for a favor, she agrees...on one condition. He says he’ll be her fill-in boyfriend, so it should be simple: re-introduce him to her family and then “break up” with him after a few weeks.

Sophie is sure she’ll be able to resist Jake this time. Sure, she was in love with him years ago, but that was then. This is now, no matter how great he looks, or how she feels around him. But she didn't bargain for moments that feel all too genuine. Dates that don’t seem fake. Kisses that leave her shaken and wanting more. Sweet moments where she forgets they aren't really dating. And she didn't count on old feelings resurfacing and complicating their arrangement—which is starting to feel less like acting and more like the real deal.

Soon, Sophie can’t tell which kisses are real or fake, but she knows she’s in deep...and she thinks Jake is, too. When she gets a chance to go back to Nashville and chase her dreams again, she has a choice to make: stay or go? Continue hoping that the life she wants is one song away, or finally write her own song?

If you would like the chance to be able to review a digital galley of One Song Away, you can request one through Netgalley. Molli is also a part of a HUGE INDIE AUTHOR'S GIVE THANKS GIVEAWAY over on her blog, which you can find here. There are four different prize packs and they range from YA+ to New Adult and they're all pretty amazing books from what I can tell. I feel like we should try and support our Indie Author's a little bit more and show them just as much love, as we show our really well established author's who've been picked up by the major publishing houses. Sometimes, if you look long enough and put a little more effort into digging, you just might find a diamond in the rough that's in the form of some of these amazing authors. 

So, what book are you anticipating next? Drop me a comment and let me know. :)

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