Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Book Blitz + Playlist & Giveaway: The Space Between by Nikki Mathis Thompson

I'm super excited to be sharing The Space Between by Nikki Mathis Thompson, with you guys today along with an amazing playlist that she has put together for this beautiful book. There's also going to be a Blitz-Wide Giveway for a $20 Amazon or Barnes&Noble gift card, so definitely stick around for that, fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter and good luck!

The reason I am so excited to be sharing this book with you on the blog today is, because I think that it's going to be an emotionally moving and uplifting novel that ANYONE would enjoy and also partly, because of the diversity that it brings to Adult literature which I think is incredibly important. The Space Between is a beautifully touching and inspiring novel, that I think you guys will fall head over toes in love with, the moment that you sit down and start reading it. It's a story about getting lost and in getting lost, only beginning to realize that what you wanted was always right in front of you. 

I don't know about you guys, but this is a story that I will always want to read. 

So, how about I tell you a little more about The Space Between. . .

The Space Between
by Nikki Mathis Thompson
Published: March 20, 2015
Self Published
Age Demographic: Adult
Pages: 151

Georgia Bristol’s life hasn’t turned out the way she’d imagined…but it’s a good life.

Despite that fact, she finds herself yearning for something she can’t define. Haunted by the choices of her youth. 

Regrets. Everyone has them. What if? Everyone wonders at times. 

Lost in town a few heartbeats shy of deserted, Georgia encounters a mysterious woman who gives her a second chance to regain the life she thought she missed out on. 

Some say getting lost is the best way to find where you’re going. And sometimes everything must be stripped away before you realize that what you have, is what you wanted all along. 

The Space Between is one woman’s unconventional journey to regain what she holds dear, filled with heartbreak, friendship, and love. A thought provoking tale that will have you relating to her struggles and celebrating her triumphs.

To Purchase a copy of The Space Between by Nikki Mathis Thompson please visit Amazon.

Playlist for The Space Between 
by Nikki Mathis Thomspon

1.The Reason- Hoobastank (Bonfire)
2.Three Libras- A Perfect Circle
3. No Surprises- Radiohead
4. Why Georgia- John Mayer (On the road)
5. Sleeping Lessons- Shins
6. Save Me- Muse
7. Sheep in Wolves Clothing- Little Hurricane 
8. Bad Dream- Keane
9. Side- Travis
10. Meant to Live- Switch Foot
11. Shake it Out- Florence + The Machine
*Bonus Track*
The Space Between- Dave Mathews Band

Radiohead, Muse, Florence + The Machine, Shins, A Perfect Circle, and Keane?! How do you NOT want to listen to this amazing playlist over and over again a thousand times, while reading The Space Between. It's absolutely the most best and perfect accompaniment for Georgia's emotionally uplifting journey. These are some of my favorite artists and bands and being the music junkie that I am, I absolutely love it when an author takes the time to put together a playlist for their book and goes that one step further to share it with the readers, so that they can sort of get into their head space and see where they were at when they were writing and get a better understanding of the story. 

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About the Author

Nikki Mathis Thompson spent her formative years singing, dancing and creating her own world of make-believe. From an early age she developed a love of reading that has grown exponentially to near addiction. She has a business degree from the University of Texas at Dallas. 

Her degree looks great in the frame, but hasn't been utilized in years. She gladly left the cubicle life behind to raise her daughter and a son was added to the mix some years later. You can find her devouring a book while drinking a glass of wine, doing her part to save the planet or lip-synching to her favorite songs while running through her suburb. She lives outside of Dallas with her family.

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