Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Local Tuesday News Dump

What's in the mix for me this week?

I've been doing a lot of reading, since both of my computers had to go into the repair shop and I've been schlepping back and forth between the local library for the use of their computer's and my mom's for the use of her laptop here and there. So, I've pretty much managed to acquire a pretty good selection of books.

Currently I'm reading Beth Revis's, Across The Universe. I don't like much on that one, should finish it today and hopefully start on Hilary Duff's, Elixir. The library has been so seriously kind to me this week, because new copies of Angelfire and Unearthly came in with the promise of more newer titles to follow.

I finally got my reviews up for both Ally Condie's "Matched" and Amy Holder's "The Lipstick Laws." So, check them out if you get a chance. The wow factor of the moment for me right now, is the fact that I just scored a reader's "digital" advanced copy of Lauren Myracle's, Shine. I'm seriously geeking out over that one, which is why I'm seriously hoping they at least get my desktop fixed within the next day or two so I can start reading on that.

I seriously love Netgalley. There are several other books that I need to read and review that I've received through them, one of which is Gayle Forman's "Where She Went." I am extremely excited to be reading this one, as I read the first one last year and absolutely fell in love with the story she had to tell. In fact, I may decide to re-read that in the interim.

Few other digital advanced copies I'm way too excited about, seriously you can't see me but I'm totally doing my "happy book dance." Sigh. I are a geek. Yes, it's true.

I'm sorry for the not so pretty post lately, but this having to try and work around both computers being in for repair kinda makes it hard to keep my book blog up and going at the moment or well shiny or pretty. Hopefully within the next week or so, things will sort to even out and I'll get this thing back to normal. Or at least be at a place, where I can catch up with all of my meme's and other things as far as updates and keeping up with the rest of you guys who are following me and scouting out the newbies as well. Until then, happy Tuesday' ya'll. :)

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