Saturday, April 30, 2011

#002 Book Blurb + Smallville Homage

SMALLVILLE: CITY BY DEVIN GRAYSONSmallville: City By Devin Grayson
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Published Date: May 6, 2004
Publisher: Little Brown Childrens Books
Book Format: Paperback, pp 257

Over a decade ago, a child from a distant planet fell to Earth in a lethal hail of meteors that forever changed Smallville, Kansas. Now a teen, Clark Kent must master his unique abilities -- while radiation from the glowing green meteor fragments mutates his townspeople. Only Clark has the power to protect Smallville.


Clark and Lex Luthor visit Metropolis, only to find themselves hunted by kidnappers, yakuza hitment, and a psychopathic aline-hunter. Clark is suddenly stricken as his super-senses become overwhelmed by all the human drama in the huge, crime-ridden city. When the attackers strike, it seems that Clark can save his friend Lex only by publicly revealing the secret of his alien powers.

I remember that it was the summer of 2006 when I discovered this book, through a really amazing friend of mine, goodnightsong @ livejournal. It was the summer we found ourselves at the height of our love for Smallville and participating in Project Countdown to Smallville. We'd had five seasons of this show and we were heading into the sixth season and were excited, so all over we were (as a fandom collectively) celebrating by posting picspams of various kinds, fanmixes, fanart, fan fiction that had been written, icons, fan video's, and other recommendations such as books, boxsets, and anything else associated with Smallville in general.

This book just happened to be one of those recommendations from my awesome buddy, Ali. We were huge Clex fan/shipper's at the time and pretty much still are, so when she told me about this book I couldn't resist I was all fangirly flaily-grabby hands about it. Anything that would play up the whole, "our friendship will be the stuff of legends" that Smallville was promoting between Clark and Lex in the beginning of the series. I had a lot of fun reading and discussing this book with her, plus there was that one scene on page 99. Ah yes, the infamous "hot tub" scene that we totally bent to fit our own reality if you know what I mean. ;)

It was a fun book to read, because it was nice to see a little more Clark and Lex interaction, plus side road trip, and of course hot tubbing. For any fan of those two, this book is definitely a must read. I loved these two character's and the development of their friendship in the earlier seasons of the show, seasons one through three mostly. As much as I enjoyed Lex and Lana's relationship, I can honestly say that I wasn't a fan of the fact that they chose to create the rift between Clark and Lex with a girl. They could have done so much better than that.

It's hard to believe then that we were going into a six season, just as the show is now winding down to a close at the end of it's tenth and final season, and we've still yet to see the final and ultimate show down between Clark and Lex. The show hasn't been the same since the end of season seven, when Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) decided to make their exit. I am truly excited to see that he's coming back for the fans and we're going to get two hours of Clark and Lex as EPIC as they've EVER been.

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