Friday, May 27, 2011

#002 TGIF

TGIF is pretty much this nifty little feature that you can use to sum all of your blogging activity for the week and have it one spot, where people can find things easily and it's all brought to you by the lovely Ginger over at G-READS. Go here to link up and show off your TGIF lists.

This Friday's question has to do with new/old author's you've discovered in 2011.

Author Love:
In 2011 which new/old authors have you discovered & loved?

I've discovered some pretty amazing authors this year and have read some pretty good books. Sarah Dessen is one that I've been turned onto and I've been busy reading Along For The Ride and Lock and Key. Deb Caletti is another one, I picked up a copy of her latest book Stay about a month ago and today I just bought The Secret Life of Prince Charming, which was on sale super cheap. My favorite book that I've read so far this year that I just couldn't put down and had to read it through from beginning to end in one day is Wrapped by Jennifer Bradbury and it will be out towards the end of this month so definitely be on the look out for it. I've also been slowly immersing myself into other genre's like Steampunk/Gaslamp and also reading a lot more fantasy and contemporary young adult books.

I just got the galley for Steampunk from Netgalley, that is actually an anthology filled with several short stories written by various authors like Libba Bray, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, and many other's. Die For Me is another book that I've recently purchased and is waiting for me to read it and I have the galley's for The Girl In The Steel Corset, Hereafter, and Starcrossed waiting to be read as well. Those are all books and author's that I know are going to become favorites of mine. I also started reading the Wicked Lovley series by Melissa Marr and that's something that I've been really enjoying quite a bit. I love the world and the imagery that she brings to life, with her novels.

So, if it's really great novels that you're looking to read, you simply cannot go wrong with these author's and any of their books. They're wonderful reads that I'm either planning on reading or I've already read. In any case, these will be start of my favorite books in 2011 for sure.

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