Friday, June 17, 2011

SIS Read-A-Thon Updates Through The Day

This is just me checking in with you for the Read-A-Thon. It's my first one, so yay! I've already started read Solid, hopefully starting next book soon. Since I can't wait read while listening to music (too distracting) I've got my drink near by and I'll be grabbing something quick to eat here in a bit.


Total Books Read: 1 entire book; 1.5 of another.
Total Pages Read: 513
Books Read Since Last Update: 1
Pages Read since last update: 278
Total time read: 6.5 hours
How I'm currently feeling: Just finished Solid, about to finish reading The Mephisto Covenant by Trinity Faegen.

Mini Challenge #001:

Favorite book-movie adaptation: I loved the HP movies, I think in a lot of ways I've come to love those more than the books, which is almost sort of odd because I usually prefer the books to the movie. In this case, I think I look at them as separate entities. Like, there's the books and here's the movies, and they're both different but so very good in their own ways.

Least favorite book-movie adaptation: I have to say that Twilight is my least favorite book-movie adaptation, because it was so poorly executed and there were so many things wrong with it. New Moon and Eclipse were far better, but Twilight failed epicly. Plus, I was not at all pleased with who they chose to cast as Esme or my favorite character Rosalie, either. Choosing Nikki Reed to play Rosalie was epicly disrespectful to the character. Just, ugh!

Update #003 - Mini-Challenge:

The old Shaman looked around, before dipping his low and continued trudging through the dark forest. He cast an eye off to the side, noticing the old goat leaned against a thick gnarled up tree-stump, the only piece of fruit he'd seen since sunrise, a lonely lime resting in his hand as he brought it to his mouth. An old laser-ray resting next to his side, blackness pooled in the shallowness of his eye sockets, and the old Shaman shuddered. This was old evil, true evil that was only spoken of in the hollow dank dwellings of the old lands.

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