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Guardian of Fate Blog Tour with Character Profile&Giveaway by LJ Kentowski

You guys! I am so super duper excited to be a part of the GUARDIAN OF FATE SERIES!

Today, I have a special CHARACTER PROFILE from Guardian of Fate to share with you! It features the main character, Cassandra Cosgrove, who is completely kickass super fiercely awesome in this amazingly exciting and fun urban fantasy. It was so much getting to kow her a Cassandra a little better and I'm even more thrilled to be sharing her stats with you, too.

But first a little peek inside the fantastically thrilling adventure filled world of Guardian Of Fate.

Guardian Of Fate by L.J. Kentowski
Published: December 22, 2012
Publisher: L.J. Kentowski
Age Demographic: Adult Urban Fantasy
Pages: 302

Fear of death is all too common. Visions of it chill the bones and skip heartbeats. Seeing it coming and knowing only you can rescue the soul of the victim from the fiery bowels of hell…that’s downright life-altering.

Cassandra Cosgrove’s life was altered at the age of sixteen when she found out that it was her responsibility to save the lives, and ultimately the souls, of innocent victims targeted by Hell’s demons. As impossible as it seemed at first, she was able to live a fairly normal life, while secretly fulfilling her obligation as a Guardian of Fate.

But years later Fate has its own plan when her visions begin drastically changing at the same time two mysterious men appear in her life. Cassandra suddenly finds herself caught in a battle between good and evil, with her own soul on the line. When it seems everyone in her life has a secret they’ve been hiding from her, who can she trust to be the Guardian of her Fate?

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Character Profile: Cassandra Cosgrove
From the Guardian Of Fate Series
By L.J. Kentowski

Thanks so much for having me on the blog today! I’m so honored to be here with you all!

I thought it’d be fun to for everyone to get to know the main character of Guardian Of Fate a little deeper than probably she even knows about herself. So, grab a seat, and lets watch Cassie squirm as we analyze her life.


Nickname: Cassie

Age: 22

Physical description: Long, wavy, auburn hair. Tall, athletic build. Blue-green eyes.

Family Tree: Daughter to Sara & Troy Cosgrove, both Guardians Of Fate.

Occupation: Student, hospital intern, Guardian Of Fate

Personality: Smart, witty, skeptical, loner, quiet unless she has something to say, strong, determined, brave

Special Abilities: Cassandra has visions that prophetically show her the death of an innocent individual, whose soul is being stolen by demons from Hell. As a Guardian Of Fate, her job is to go to the scene of the death before it happens and save the victim by altering the turn of events leading to their death.

Background: Cassie’s father died when she was four, leaving her mom to raise her for most of her life. She’d always had visions, but it wasn’t until she was sixteen that she realized they meant the difference between life and death. Her mom played a vital role in teaching her the ways of using her visions. After finally getting her life under control as a Guardian, her visions change drastically, including mysterious men, and unalterable endings. Suddenly, her life isn’t quite how she thought it was, and she has no idea who she can trust.

Likes: Honesty, quiet nights at home, hanging out with best friend Nora, cheesy horror flicks, pizza.

Dislikes: Lying to others and lies from others, secrets, uncontrollable situations, egotistical men, demons, Hell.

Internal conflicts: Everything keeps changing in her life, and she doesn’t know what her purpose is anymore. She just wants to live a normal life, but it’s not possible as a Guardian. Fighting to control her feelings for a particular man, whom she doesn’t trust. Cannot figure out Hunter and Caleb roles in her life.

External conflicts: Being pursued by these men that she just met at the same time that her visions are changing, and no one can tell her what she is experiencing or how to deal with it.

Social life: Non-existent. She’s given up on relationships, as it’s too hard to explain her sudden disappearances when she has to go save someone. In her words:

“I was sure if I even attempted to explain who I was and what I did, they’d run faster than I did to save someone from the throes of the Underworld. I imagined it all the time, ‘So-and-so, I need to tell you something. I’m a Guardian of Fate, and it’s my mission on earth to save people’s souls from Shadows of the Underworld.’ I might as well wrap myself in tin foil and ask them to take me to their leader.”

Favorite song: Familiar Taste Of Poison by Halestorm

Dreams: Living a normal life

And you thought your life was complicated! So, tell me, what’s your prognosis?

Thanks again for joining in on the Guardian Of Fate Blog Tour!



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L.J. Kentowski is living in disguise as the author of her debut novel, Guardian Of Fate, working diligently on the subsequent novels in the Fate series. Her true identity as Supermom and Superwife, living in the Midwest with SuperDog must never be revealed without security clearance. You've been warned.

Author information taken from her Goodreads.

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  1. Suz, thanks so much for hosting me on the tour today!

  2. I read this book and loved it partly because we have the same name and secondly it has an amazing story line.....My favorite urban fantasy book would b eanything by H.P. Mallory although her books go more towards urban paranormal. I love all her characters but especially Sinjin :0)

    1. Thanks so much Cassie! I'm so glad you liked it :) H.P. Mallory is one of my all time faves! She's truly an inspiration and I've been following her career for a long time now. Sinjin is my fave too, by the way ;) We have great taste LOL


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