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Book Review: Love In The Time of Global Warming by Francesca Lia Block

Love In The Time of Global Warming
By Francesca Lia Block

Published: August 7, 2013
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co. (BYR)
Age Demographic: YA Dystopia
Pages: 240

Seventeen-year-old Penelope (Pen) has lost everything—her home, her parents, and her ten-year-old brother. Like a female Odysseus in search of home, she navigates a dark world full of strange creatures, gathers companions and loses them, finds love and loses it, and faces her mortal enemy.

In her signature style, Francesca Lia Block has created a world that is beautiful in its destruction and as frightening as it is lovely. At the helm is Pen, a strong heroine who holds hope and love in her hands and refuses to be defeated.

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Love In the Time of Global Warming, is the first book that I've had the pleasure of reading by Francesca Lia Block. It was just as beautifully destructive and intriguingly frightening as I imagined it would be. My high hopes for this novel were not smashed to rubbish in any sort of capacity. I felt like Block managed to create this gorgeous yet destructive world, that had such a powerful enough force to keep me riveted to the pages. My mind was just captivated by this illusive dark, rich, and disparaging lovely allure that this novel gives off. The intense wave of emotion and the promise of overwhelming hope and refusal to give up by the main heroine, is what essentially won me over.

There is such a richness and character depth in Penelope (Pen), that I felt resonated with me on some levels. It was easy to connect with her character, as she is strong, beautiful, full of so much resistance to be defeated by anything. It's been a while, since I've fallen in love with a character quite like her, and I enjoyed becoming entranced by her story. There is so much that she goes through, in such a short amount of time in this novel, that I felt as if Block did a wonderful job navigating through it all. There is an entire cast of colorful and intriguing characters that aren't just Pen, who are fantastic and wonderful to get to know. They give this dark and gloomy story, so much complexity and depth of layers that it makes even more realistic and strong.

The world Block creates is stunningly real and vividly dark and imaginative, that the sheer force of it and beautifully written attention to detail in the description, will definitely pull you into the story. There are so many fantastical and magical elements about this young adult novel, that will have your head spinning and your heart racing. Heartbreaking and intensely emotional, Love in the Time of Global Warming, will resonate with you on a more personal level. The thought of finding love and then losing it, the dark lonely feeling of desperation and loss, and then the overwhelming sense of strength and hope will leave you delirious with love and affection for this book and the main heroine.

For those you who love The Odyssey, Homer's classic poem, Love in the Time of Global Warming will be the book that you will not want to miss out on this year. Francesca Lia Block, does not disappoint with this beautifully written and harrowing dark rich and vibrant post-apocalyptic tale steeped in wonderful mythology. This gorgeous young adult novel, is a re-imagining of The Odyssey like you have never imagined. It literally begs - SCREAMS - to be read. Gorgeous, beguiling, imaginative, and completely entrancing! This is an epic journey that will leave your heart yearning, your mind reeling, and your soul soaring.

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Francesca Lia Block was born in Los Angeles to a poet and a painter, their creativity an obvious influence on her writing. Another influence was her childhood love of Greek mythology and fairy tales. 
She has lived in the city all her life, and still resides there with her daughter, Jasmine Angelina (about whom she wrote her book Guarding the Moon), her son Samuel Alexander, and her two dogs: a springer spaniel named Vincent Van Go Go Boots and a beagle mix named Thumper. 

She left only to attend the University of California, Berkeley. She has often professed her love of Los Angeles, calling it a "Jasmine-scented, jacaranda-purple, neon sparked city," which she has nicknamed in her books "Shangri-LA.".

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