Monday, May 20, 2013

Book Review: White Lines by Jennifer Banash

White Lines
By Jennifer Banash

Published: April 4, 2013
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Age Demographic: YA Contemporary
Pages: 304

A gritty, atmospheric coming of age tale set in 1980s New York City.

Seventeen-year-old Cat is living every teenager’s dream: she has her own apartment on the Lower East Side and at night she’s club kid royalty, guarding the velvet rope at some of the hottest clubs in the city. The night with its crazy, frenetic, high-inducing energy—the pulsing beat of the music, the radiant, joyful people and those seductive white lines that can ease all pain—is when Cat truly lives. But her daytime, when real life occurs, is more nightmare than dream. Having spent years suffering her mother’s emotional and physical abuse, and abandoned by her father, Cat is terrified and alone—unable to connect to anyone or anything. But when someone comes along who makes her want to truly live, she’ll need to summon the courage to confront her demons and take control of a life already spinning dangerously out of control.

Both poignant and raw, White Lines is a gripping tale and the reader won’t want to look away.

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White Lines is a gritty and raw coming of age tale that readers will not want to put down. Compelling and poignant, this is a young adult novel on the cusp of New Adult. Jennifer Banash does a wonderful job in delivering a stellar mature young adult novel, that is full of powerful emotion, atmospheric wonder, and a captivating storyline that is sure to wow and stun readers. Dangerous and out of control, this is a story that will embark readers on a rollercoaster ride of epic emotion, sprialing downwards and filled with strength that has no where else to go but up.

The characters are real, honest, and raw. Banash pours everything she has into telling the story of Cat, who comes alive by nightfall, and is the lonliest girl by day. Her story is painful, beyond the telling as she grapples with personal demons that threaten her happiness. Suffering physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her mother, abandonment by her father, she tries to cope the best way she knows how. It isn't until she meets Julian, that she feels truly alive from the inside out.

White Lines is a dirty and gritty story filled with heartaching pain. It's beautiful, the emotions that Banash is able to evoke with her beautiful poetic words, atmosphere, and the vulernable way she leaves her characters open and exposed. The story and the characters within, start to take on a life of their own and it's gorgeous to come along for the ride. Truly stunning and brilliantly written, White Lines, is probably one of the year's most touching and heartwrenching stories told.

This is not a novel that readers want to miss out on. Simply, unputdownable.

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Jennifer Banash was born and raised in New York City. She now lives in Southern California with her beagle, Sigmund, and her vast collection of designer shoes.


  1. I agree! And "vulnerable" is the perfect word for these characters.

  2. I really like gritty stories and have heard good things about this book.

    Kate @ Ex Libris


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