Tuesday, July 8, 2014

15 Days of Being a Book Blogger featuring Day #01: 15 Blogger Confessions

Book Blogger Confessions, we all have them, right?! 

Pesky little things aren't they sometimes, but I thought I would share a few of mine with you. You know, just to get them off my chest and out there. It's all part of being a lover of books and loving to blog about them, too. I'm not quite so sure that I have 15 of them hidden around somewhere, but I thought I would break them down into 10 book confessions and five book blogger confessions. This way, you get to learn a little bit more about me as far as books and blogging goes!

So here goes nothing, right?! :)

A lot of the time, I choose a book to read by the cover it has. If it's pretty, unique, and catches my eye - chances are I'm going to definitely be reading that book. They say first impression is everything, right?! Well, the cover of the book sort of represents that a little bit for me. It's not the only reason why I'll read a book, but it's definitely the first thing that catches my attention and makes me want to pick it up and read the synopsis. 

It makes me crazy, when people judge a book by either the author who's written it or the genre it belongs to, without giving it a chance before they decide if they want to read it or not. It's like it either suffers from the being "too hyped up" syndrome or someone a person knows has told them that the book sucks and they shouldn't read it, so automatically it doesn't get the chance it deserves to be read. You can miss out on reading A LOT of really great books this way and it just kind of makes me sad. :(

I hate feeling like I'm being judged for the genre of books that I choose to read. I love YA books so much, they're a lot of fun to read, they have some fantastic storylines, the characters are easy to relate to, and there's SO MANY talented author's in that genre of books. I also love to read NA books and there are people who judge those like crazy, too. I just don't get it! It's like get over it already, because it's supposed to be about reading what you want to read and loving the books that you choose, not necessarily about what someone else thinks about what you're reading that matters.

I don't read as many Classic books as I probably should be reading. I've been wanting to read more lately, though. I'm definitely planning on reading at least a couple of them before this year is up for sure. It's not that I don't like them, it's just that it's hard to sort of fit them into my reading schedule between trying to get all of my review books read and also trying to find time to pick out books that I want to read for myself. I'm definitely going to be working on getting a couple of them in there, though.

I love to challenge myself with reading books that are out of my comfort zone, because that's pretty much what reading is all about for me. It's about challenging yourself to read new things and explore different territory. If anyone taught me this, V.C. Andrewsdid, with my all time favorite book series ever,  the Dollanganger series. It's such a wickedly delicious and epic story of hope, love, and discovering who you are. *Whispers: Go read this series now!*

Book-to-Movie adaptations scare me a little bit, because so many times I feel like the book wasn't represented in the film the way that it should have been. But, then there are books that have been adapted to film, that I have just fallen in love with such as The Fault in Our Stars, the Harry Potter books-to-film, the Hunger Games books-to-film, Divergent, and the Delirium Hulu original series. There are some, though, that I feel just should have never been adapted to film, if you can't tell the story and stay as true to the book as possible, then you really shouldn't be making it into a movie. I'm pretty much looking at you Lifetime and your disasterous version of Petals on the Wind. You told a completely different story than the book, shame on you!

I have this little habit of always falling for the bad boy in a lot of the books that I read. I think it has to do with this "savior complex" thing, because I feel like they're not just "bad", but it's more like they're misunderstood. I don't know, don't judge! It's like a thing or something. I mean, I like the good guys, but I also like the bad boys too. lol.

It makes me absolutely crazy, when my books don't match. Like, for instance, if they're all hardback then every book in the series has to be hardback with matching covers. I don't like it when they are mixed, like three of them are in paperback and the rest of them are in hardback. Grr. Also, if the covers have been changed, I want them all to match because then it's not pretty to look at on my shelf if they don't. 

I never leave home without my Kindle Fire! It's like my life, basically. No, really...it's my electronic bookshelf times infinity. Plus, it's a whole lot easier to carry around than packing in three or four books into your bag and lugging them all over the place. I have pretty much everything that I need right at my fingertips.

I literally cringe, when I see someone dog-earring a book or wrinkling the pages in them or even breaking the spines. It just...UGH! Don't do that please. Be kind to the book, love the book, and take care of the book. And for the love of everything book obsessed, don't write in them!

And Five Blogger Confessions...

I am so horrid at updating my Review Archive on my blog. I have been needing to do that for like months now and I just haven't gotten around to it and really, I haven't been making the proper amount of time for it either. I should, I really really should, because it goes hand in hand with my Pinterest board that coordinates. I just...yeah, I haven't.

Sometimes I find it hard to come up with fresh, new, and exciting content for the blog. It's really easy to get blogger's fatigue, because it's such a big chore sometimes trying to decide what you're going to blog about and if the people who are following you are going to be interested in it or not. I don't like to do a whole lot of filler posts, like promotional spots, cover reveals, and meme's. I want there to be more real content there, that actually says something about who I am and what I love to read. It just...it gets hard sometimes.

I get worried sometimes and I stress myself out over whether or not those who are following my blog, are really reading the posts that I'm putting up or if they're just clicking on by them. I know I shouldn't let myself get caught up in numbers and stats and just continue to blog about my love of reading for myself, because that's essentially why I created my blog in the first place, but sometimes it's hard not to ya know?! I don't wan to be the one to compare my little blog to another well known bigger one who has a lot more followers and get more page views than mine does. I just want to continue to talk about the books and author's that I love and enjoy sharing my thoughts with other's who have similar taste in books and author's. 

I'd like to get a little more personal and share things about my actual life outside of blogging on here, from time to time. That was a goal of mine for the beginning of this year and I've managed to do a few of those types of posts, like my bookish charms creations, the If We Were Having Coffee post, and whatnot. But, I sort of want to do a little bit more than that, at some point.

I don't always write my book reviews immediately after I read the book. I'm the kind of person who likes to sit and mull over what I've read for a few days, before I start jotting down my thoughts and cobbling together a review for the book. It's like I just need a few days to process all of what I've just read and really absorb it, before I can put together some coherent thoughts on it. Sometimes, I don't always write a review for every single book that I read, because then that would be all that I'm writing, and I don't want to do that. I'm toying with the idea of writing small one paragraph mini-reviews for some of the books that I read and then full fledged book reviews for other books. 

Those are my Top 15 Books and Blogger Confessions, tell me what yours are in the comments below!


  1. I try to update my review archive, Pinterest, and Tumblr once a month. TRY.

    I don't mind if people dog-ear pages in their own books, but I got lectured in front of the whole class once (when I was pretty young) for placing an open book with pages facing down on a table. It scarred me for life and I think of that every time I do it ever since.

    1. Yeah, I keep telling myself that I'll try and update my review archive each month, but then I never do. lol. I usually end up saving that until closer to the end of the year and it becomes a hot mess and crazy.

      Ooh, man it drives me nuts to see someone dog-ear their pages or write in their books if they're not study books, that is. I don't lecture them or anything, but I do pretty much cringe and have to look away. lol. It's just not nice to the book. I often wonder if books feel pain when people do that. Haha. j/k. But, seriously, I think I would be scarred for life too, if someone would have done that to me in front of a classroom. That's crazy!

  2. Hey! You were talking about wanting to do more personal things instead of fillers like memes and I totally get that. I'm also horrible at updating my archive, but I have a meme you might actually like to participate in! It's every monday at my blog and it's called Chapter by Chapter and basically you pick a book to read and you stop every monday to share your thoughts on that chapter. It's cool because it gives you kind of a look in to how we bloggers, construct our thoughts on books and how our thoughts change throughout the book


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