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Blog Tour & Review featuring Going Under by Georgia Cates


I am so incredibly excited and super thrilled to be a part of the amazingly awesome blog tour for GOING UNDER by Georgia Cates! When I got the chance to read this super fantastic paranormal, I was totally beyond thrilled and pretty much flailed all over the place. I mean, come on, who wouldn't?! I've heard so many terrific things about this book and the series. So, I was totally eager to gobble it all up and share my thoughts with you.

Here’s the scoop on GOING UNDER by Georgia Cates!

Going Under
Author: Georgia Cates
Published: March 10, 2012
Pages: 347

Jessie Boone is a self proclaimed bad boy and doesn’t march to the beat of anyone’s drum, but his own. Growing up in less than desirable circumstances has made him no stranger to the hard knock life and his determination to leave it behind is fierce. When he finds himself transferred to East Franklin High School, he sees his opportunity to use his athletic ability to snag a college football scholarship, but Forbes Henderson, the player Jessie means to replace isn’t giving up his spot willingly. In fact, Forbes is willing to go to extreme measures to retain his place as first string quarterback. When Forbes’ malicious plan to injure his replacement fails, Jessie is furious and determined to show him he messed with the wrong person; not only is he going to take the position of first string quarterback, he’s going to take his girl, too.

Claire Deveraux is perfection at it’s best. She is beautiful, intelligent and unaware she just became Jessie Boone’s conquest as revenge against her boyfriend, Forbes Henderson. Like her flawless performance as the perfect daughter and student, Claire’s production of being the perfect girlfriend has everyone fooled, except Jessie Boone, and she fears this tattooed bad boy will see her secret desire to explore his crude threats and promises to rock her perfect world. If she decides to give in to one uninhibited moment with Jessie, will she learn too late that it was all an act of vengeance or will Jessie learn the taste of first love is sweeter than that of revenge?

Summary taken from Goodreads


Going Under is such an incredible story filled with beautifully written plot narrative, wonderfully developed strong driven characters, and gorgeous world building. Georgia Cates absolutely does not disappoint with this fantastic new young adult contemporary. It's full of sorrow and happiness, agonizing pain, and sweet romance that will leave readers breathless. It has so many incredible elements that make it such an entertaining and engaging novel. Filled with incredible intense emotion, this story is bound to sweep readers off their feet and pull at their heart strings constantly.

There is absolutely never a dull moment during this brilliantly fantastic story. The characters are incredibly relatable and written with such raw honesty, that it's easy to connect with them. It has a wonderful blend of sarcastic wit, intense drama, pain, loss, and heartbreak all wrapped up in such an intriguing story. It is definitely a book that any fan of contemporary novels won't want to miss out on. The romance is beautiful and the emotion is grand and sweeping. Readers will feel themselves becoming wrapped up in the characters and their emotions that they are feeling and will be falling in love all over again and experiencing the joys and exciting thrills of it again.



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Georgia Cates a wife, mother of two daughters and a labor and delivery nurse. She has recently added Paranormal Romance Writer to her list of things to keep her busy, but she is ecstatic to release her debut novel, Blood of Anteros, the first book in The Vampire Agápe Series.

Like others that enjoy a great story of paranormal romance, she is easily bored by the tale of an obtainable, ordinary romance and was inspired to create The Vampire Agápe Series. When she is not tied up with her family or delivering babies, she is working feverishly on the second book in The Vampire Agápe Series.

Author information taken from her Website.

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