Friday, June 3, 2011

#008 Follow Me Friday + Blog Hop + TGIF All Rolled Into One!

FOLLOW ME FRIDAYHappy Follow Me Friday, everyone! The long and short of it, life is crazy and reading is my life, basically. So, yeah this feature is awesomesauce.

Go here, to get the deets on it and start having some fun. It's all about meeting some new people, finding new blogs to follow, and basically just having fun with awesome people.

This week she's featuring the awesome Amy fromThe Backseat Reader. She's artsy, she's crafty, she's super fiercely awesome. She's someone that you totally want to be following. I am. So, just...go do it already!

Well, hey howdy to all you PJV readers! My name is Amy (ArtsyBookishGal to some) and I’ve been blogging since 2003. Yup, I’m a pioneer of the blogosphere. Initially, I just wrote about my life, posted crappy digital pics of my hamster, and some bad poetry. Then it occurred to me that I could actually say something, so after a stint as an editor for a youth ministry website, I revamped my online image into what is now, which focuses on all sorts of media—books, music, photography (the non-crappy kind), pop culture, and my thoughts on life, God, and whatever strikes my fancy. However, I started writing about books. A lot. My regular readers became annoyed, so I started my brand spankin’ new book blog called Backseat Reader (

And the rest of the story.


"What are you doing to prepare for an upcoming zombie apocalypse and/or the return of Mel Gibson to the silver screen? (Both of which could be terrifying.)"

Well, to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of zombies. They're kind of gross and um, yeah...gross. And Mel Gibson tends to scare me a lot these days and I've never read any Max Brooks. Never even heard of him, til' now. Also, I've never seen Night of the Living Dead either, which I've heard is a total classic zombie film and I balked at the idea of Shawn of the Dead. Yeah, I know...I'm more of an Anya type girl than anything, if the apocalypse comes the first time I'll run, and the second time I'll stand and fight even if that means I get shredded in half because I decide it's more important to save some loser dork than myself.

But, fear not, I've heard that a baseball bat is a handy little weapon to be weilding, when fighting off these gross creatures back from the dead.

BOOK BLOGGER HOP Brought to you by the ever awesome and fiercely amazing CRAZY FOR BOOKS. Want to make a connection with a fellow blogger? Feel the need for a few new followers? Or you just want to spread some blogger spirit and love? Well, this is totally the "blogger hop" for you and you can find out how to do all that HERE.


"Share your favorite post from the last month and tell us why it’s close to your heart!"

Okay, so usually I don't like to spotlight myself too much, becuase I like to shine the light on other's who are way more awesome than I'll ever be -BUUUUT JUST THIS ONCE- I'm actually the most excited about my interview with Jennifer Bradbury featuring her newly released novel, Wrapped. I was super excited when she agreed to be featured on my blog and then promply made a dork out of myself when I went all, "OMG! SHE LOVES DOCTOR WHO!" "I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!" So, for sure!

But, all of the BEA posts that have been made by various fellow bloggers (you all know who you are, lucky devils) I've really been enjoying those. If I were to list them, there'd be waaaay too many, so I'll just say collectively that I've been enjoying those the most.

TGIF is pretty much this nifty little feature that you can use to sum all of your blogging activity for the week and have it one spot, where people can find things easily and it's all brought to you by the lovely Ginger over at G-READS. Go here to link up and show off your TGIF lists.

This Friday's question has to do with your love of books.

Book Love:

Do you share your books with others?

Who was the last person you sent a book to?

Of course, I love sharing my books with other's. Ya know, friends, family - people like that, those I know will enjoy them and take care of them and won't totally trash them. Mostly, I loan a lot of my books to my my mom or my sister, since we read a lot of the same stuff. But, I do have a friend that I don't mind loaning books to, actually the last person I loaned a book to was Molli Once Upon A Prolouge. I ended up sending her my copy of Lauren Oliver's Delirum and she sent me her copy of Before I Fall.


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